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[RELEASE] Aeon WallMote Dual & Quad - 2 & 4 Button


(Rob) #41

Thanks for the quick reply. The problem I’m seeing with the “Smart Lighting” smart app is that my wallmote device isn’t available in the list of devices to automate. I never get to the screen you’re showing.

Also, any thoughts on the “SYNCING” issue (#1 in my post)?




The smartlighting official feature works the other way around, first you select the end device that you want to control, such as a lightbulb or another light switch, then you say you want to control it by using a button, and then you would get the list of button controllers.

I just mention that, because you should be able to see the two screens that I showed even if you don’t have a button controller at all. The list of available button controllers would be the next screen in the sequence after the two that I showed above. So first you select the light to be controlled, then you select the trigger which in this case is button press, then you say which button and you should see the list of button controllers on your account

And then after you select a specific button controller, you would get the list of its buttons.

As far as the syncing issue, I’m sorry, I don’t know, hopefully someone who has this device can comment.

(Rob) #43

I’m a dope. DUH! Sorry for wasting your time. The smart app works just fine.


A lot of people get confused on SmartLighting. Like many features of SmartThings, it’s powerful and flexible, but it’s not intuitive. :wink:

(Rob) #45

Ok I figured out the syncing issue. The device handler will not set the need update to no if only the color is changed. If the color is changed along with at least one other configuration the device handler syncs properly. Of course you need to hold down the action button for two seconds after clicking done. The color is never changed btw.

(Eric M) #46

Alright, then you tell me how to distinguish an up slide from button 1 and one from button 2. Like I mentioned before, if there is a direct association between this device and a light bulb in group 1, a second light bulb in group 2, etc. (direct association), then you can have 4 button slide actions. The controller has no idea which button it is coming from so I have done the best I can by creating an extra button.

(Jeremy Keen) #47

Got it. I did not understand that there was no way to differentiate which button the slide comes from. So I will test using button 5 pushed and held options. Thanks for all of your work on this!

(Rick) #48

@RobLaJolla thanks for the info… I wasnt able to configure properly the wallmote… Where did you get the information regarding the push of action button after pressing “done” in the configuration? That was my problem… The wallmote was always “syncing” and I didn’t have the battery level. After pressing the action button, it seems to enter a program mode or something… Also, good catch on changing a value other than the color… It should be writting somewhere in the faq/readme of the DH.

@erocm1231 good job on the DH!

(Rob) #49


I read about the action button behavior in that mini micro small as hell print owners manual. The rest was trial and error.

(Rick) #50

Well, I looked at the manual and there it is :

“In order to send your WallMote Quad new configuration commands from your Z-Wave controller or gateway, it will need to be woken up. […] press and hold the Action Button for 3 seconds(the buzzer chirp once and the orange LED will be ON) on the back of the WallMote Quad unit and then release it. This will trigger and send a wake up notification command to your controller/gateway, then your WallMote Quad iwll wake up for 10 minutes and the orange LED will fast blink while it is awake.”

So good catch!

So, everybody who wants to configure the WallMote with @erocm1231 DH, you have to “awake” the WallMote first then while it’s blinking, you press the “Done” button on the configuration page. It should send the modification to the unit and remove the “Need update” in the “Current State” of the device.



(Eric M) #51

I’ll explain a little bit about what you are noticing. There are two (actually three but I’ll keep it simple) types of Z-wave devices. Mains powered devices that act as repeaters and battery powered devices that do not. Mains powered devices are always awake and ready to receive configuration changes, respond to get commands, or apply association updates. These are devices such as switches, outlets, some sirens, etc. Battery devices are mostly asleep and do not respond to anything. They do this to conserve battery and it works very well. I have “sleepy” Z-Wave devices that have lasted over 4 years and are still going. These devices are Motion sensors, contact sensors, remotes, etc.

Because these devices will sometimes need to receive updates from the Z-Wave controller, they “wake up” and send the controller a “wake up” report. This wake up report is only sent to a single controller and the interval in which it wakes up is configurable. I don’t remember what the default is for this device, but the manufacturer has asked that it be set to 24 hrs. The shorter this interval, the more of an effect it has on battery life.

So this device, like all of my other Z-Wave handlers, tries to handle configuration how the Z-Wave developers intended it. It waits for a wake up report, sends the configuration changes, and then sends a wakeUpNoMoreInformation to tell the device to go back to sleep. If there are no changes to be made to the device, it immediately tells it to go back to sleep. This is optimal for battery life.

With this device you can either a) wait for the device changes to sync when the device wakes up on its own. It might not be optimal as the wake up interval is 24 hours. (although this is often optimal for motion or contact sensors that you have a lot of and might be in hard to reach places). Or b) you can manually “wake” the device up. Every Z-Wave sleepy device should have a way to do this. This one, if you hold the button down for a few seconds, will wake up (as I and others have mentioned above).

During this process you do not have to hit done on the preferences page or the sync button or do anything. The Wallmote will send a wake report to the controller and it will send the configuration changes. If you want to see what it is doing, you can watch in the logs with debug enabled.

I will make note of this in the first post and put it in the handler. It is something that has been in my handlers for so long I guess I just forget that everyone doesn’t know how it works.

(Rob) #52

Great explanation! That helps a lot. Is there any reason why the color change doesn’t work?


(Eric M) #53

Maybe the config parameter isn’t taking? Take the remote close to the hub and then hold down the button on the back. Also, check the logs when you do it.

I am able to change color:

(Dana ) #54

I really want the two button version of this…

(Travis) #55

Thanks for all your work on this!! Everything is working as expected except for changing the color, I’ve removed and re-added it a few times just to make sure it wasn’t related to pairing. Every time I wake the device I get a “debug Current value of parameter 5 is unknown” error. Any idea on how I can fix this? Thanks again!

(Eric M) #56

Someone else is having this problem. The error is because the device is not responding to the color change parameter. I am able to change the color of my wallmotes. Has anyone else had success in doing so?

Aslo, make sure you are right next to the hub when you wake the device up.

(Travis) #57

Hi Eric, thanks for the reply! I just confirmed by moving less than a foot from the hub and waking the device, still can’t get the color to change. The interesting thing I noticed is when I have the color set to green or red it doesn’t act the same when the button is pressed. It either flashes blue very briefly or gives no color at all, works fine when it’s set back to blue. I also tried changing multiple parameters at a time with no luck, the other changes such as vibration and sound take effect as expected. Thanks!!

(Rob) #58


Yeah I’m the guy having this same problem. Everything Travis is saying applies to me. Thanks!


(Rob) #59


I made a copy of your DH and yanked the code for the color and now it syncs properly. The device still behaves weird - e.g. when I click on a button on the wallmote, it starts blinking blue on and off for about 8 times then stops. Other weird behavior is when I click on button it will do a “half-flash” and not register the click. Very strange. Maybe my unit is defective.


(Eric M) #60

I don’t know then unless they made some kind of device change between the manufacturing of my unit and yours. I will reach out and see. Aeon sometimes changes config parameters between firmware versions, so that might be the case.