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[RELEASE] Aeon WallMote Dual & Quad - 2 & 4 Button


(Eric M) #21

My #1 feature request.

(Adam V) #22

I think that is every single Smartthings user’s #1 feature request… and yet Smartthings still don’t seem to think that it is a priority - nothing annoys me more about this system

(Eric M) #23

Actually, I am looking at the report that is being sent to SmartThings when using the slide function and it doesn’t look like it is possible to use that functionality as an additional action. There is no indicator of which button is used in the report that is sent for dimming up or down (because really it is intended to be used with direct associations). The best that I could do is add an extra “button” that can be used when a swipe up or swipe down occurs on any of the quadrants of the device.

(Jeremy Keen) #24

A button might be a good alternative understanding that dimming via the cloud is nearly useless. I could imagine a swipe down would trigger an automation that sets the dimmer level to say 50% for some lights.

edit: Another thought… Is there any way to control the indicator light. Not just set it but turn it on momentarily. I would use this as a way to hit one of the buttons to get a status of the SHM. For example, pressing button 1 causes the indicator to light red if SHM is armed and blue if it is disarmed.

(Eric M) #25

The latest handler has an additional button (#3 for the dual and #5 for the quad - held and pushed) for the swipe up and swipe down functionality. The option has to be enabled in preferences and the configuration changes have to be synced. If you bring the device close to the controller and hold down the button for a few seconds it will turn flashing yellow. The changes should be pushed over at that point. They will also be pushed over the next time the device wakes but it is every 24 hours. It is more of a “test” feature right now though as I am trying to figure out the timing of everything.

As for the second though, that is actually a really cool idea. Unfortunately, the color can only be changed with a configuration update which requires the procedure or timing mentioned above.


Although it would kill battery life, I would like the LED on all the time. It’s usually dark when I turn on the lights. An illuminated switch looks more “modern” and easier to find in the dark.


So cool!! Can anyone offer any help with a step by step on how to copy the code and set this device up?? I’ve never set up a custom device…novice alert!!


Here you go. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much!! Is the code that erocm1231has published for the device handler or smart app? It appears to be the device handler. If so, is there a custom smart app that I need to install also?

(Jeremy Keen) #30

No, you only need to install the device handler. The configuration takes place in the device settings.


This section of the forum is specifically for community created device type handlers. Smartapps are in a different section. :sunglasses:

Any device type handler that “capability.button” can be used with the official smartlighting feature, with core, and with a number of other Smartapps.

That’s why the author has explained what each button number signifies for this device, because in the smartapps you are going to assign actions based on the button number.


do you think it matters in what order I added the device? I added it to smarthings before I downloaded the custom
device handler…the screen in ST is not like the one in your post. :frowning:


No, it doesn’t make any difference. The FAQ was written about a year and a half ago and the screens have change somewhat since then. There’s a note about the changes in post 27 in the FAQ thread.

(Jeremy Keen) #34

Edit the device by logging into the IDE -> Click My Devices -> Click the Wallmote device -> Scroll down and click Edit -> Set the ‘type’ to Aeon Wallmote. Then refresh in the app.


just to make sure Im doing this correctly, I should only copy the code from line 19?

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 1.10.33 PM


Ok. I got the code uploaded and device associated…


Eric and Jeremy thank you SO much !! I got it working…!! its so nice. I have configured two button and like you said ST allows you to control all devices…

(Rob) #38

Thanks for creating this device handler. I’ve added the latest device handler to my published device handlers and ensured that the wallmote’s type is correct. My issues are:

  1. I can’t seem to get the wallmote device to stop reporting that it is “SYNCING”. Because of this, configuration changes I’ve made aren’t applied to the device. I tried pushing the button on the back of the device until it flashes yellow and stops but the device still reports “SYNCING”. Also it seems to drain the battery within a day. Any suggestions on this?

  2. SmartApp compatibiity seems limited. The Smart Lights smart app doesn’t recognize the wallmote device as having the appropriate capability. The only smart app I’ve gotten to work is the Button Controller. I’ve read the posts in this thread and can’t find the suggested smart apps



If it works with button controller, it should work with smartlights for “button pressed.” Both are using the same “capability.button”

For CORE, see

For other smart apps that can work with button controllers, see the quick browse list for “remotes and buttons” in the community – created wiki

(Jeremy Keen) #40

It appears from the manual that each of the 4 buttons has a slide function. You say there is 1 additional button for the slide (#5 for the quad) but should there instead be 4 additional buttons. When I swipe on any of the buttons I the below in my logs. 0 indicates and up swipe and 1 a down swipe.

a5be044d-0639-45d3-b0aa-c31a6f45da42 11:52:07 AM: debug Unhandled zwaveEvent: SwitchMultilevelStopLevelChange()
a5be044d-0639-45d3-b0aa-c31a6f45da42 11:52:06 AM: debug upDown: 1
a5be044d-0639-45d3-b0aa-c31a6f45da42 11:52:05 AM: debug Unhandled zwaveEvent: SwitchMultilevelStopLevelChange()
a5be044d-0639-45d3-b0aa-c31a6f45da42 11:52:04 AM: debug upDown: 0