[RELEASE] Aeon RGBW LED Bulb Advanced Device Handler

Power fluctuations maybe?

You could try to exclude it from the network and just leave it as a dumb bulb for a day or two. If it still does the same thing and it isn’t linked up to SmartThings at all then it would have to be a flaky bulb.


I’m trying to use this device type, but it seems the preset buttons (like police, fade, etc) aren’t working for me. I also noticed my firmware version is listed as v54238. I did go into the Preferences and press Done to no avail.

Hi Eric, and thank you for the Device handler, if it weren’t for you and your multiple device handlers, I wouldn’t be a ST user to day.

Regarding this Aeon RGBW LED handler there is one para meter I need to change and I was hoping you could help me set it.

It refers to use a wall mounted push button (Always On) to turn the Bulb on and off.
I need to set Parameter 34 to 1

Can you please help, ether to tell me where I can change the code so this will work or change your code so this will be an option in the parameter listing.

Manually Toggle LED Bulb ON and OFF using the External Switch.

In order to manually toggle the LED bulb ON and OFF using the external switch, you will need to use:

Parameter 34 [1 byte].
Value 0 = Disable [default]
Value 1 = Enable

Once this configuration setting has been set to 1, you will be able to control the state of your LED bulb using your external toggle switch by
Quick toggle OFF -> ON within 1 second
This will toggle ON and OFF state of LED Bulb

Best Regards and thank you for all your hard work.
Þorgeir Valur Ellertsson

I don’t quite understand what the “External Switch” is that this parameter is referring to, but I did add the parameter for you. Do you have a link to which switch you are using?

I am not shore how to explain it properly but I will try.
By turning this switch on I can use a reverse momentary switch. Now I have a constant power to the bulb, but when I turn it off for 1 second pushing a pushbutton on the wall (which I have reversed) I can turn the bulb on/off with out it being disconnected from the network. Now I don’t need to buy a Z-Wave switch to turning it on and off by hand.

Hope you under stand me.

Thank you so much it works like a charm.
Þorgeir Valur

I think… it’s referring to a way of turning the bulb OFF (in software) but keeping it powered on (physical light switch) by using the physical light switch.

So for example the light is currently on (emitting light), I want to turn it off but keep it physically powered on however, I don’t have my phone or anything to tell ST (or whatever hub it’s connected to) but I can flip the light switch in a certain way that will turn it off but allow me to keep it physically powered on.

It looks like this configuration parameter enables that toggle action.

Does that make sense @Bjorkollur? Is that what it does?

Yes exactly :grinning:

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Ok, I think I see. So you quickly toggle the switch the bulb is connected to and it will turn it off instead of the bulb turning off and coming back on. I guess I didn’t think about the bulb being able to distinguish that type of toggle.

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I’m probably preaching to the choir but just so everyone else knows as well, you can actually change the bulb colour via the physical light switch as well :slight_smile:


I’m a bit of a newbie to Smartthings - How do I use this devicehandler.

I essentially created a device handler and pasted in this code.

What are the next steps?

Kind regards,

When creating the new handler, finish off by clicking publish>for me.

Then go to the devices tab, click on the device you want to use the handler and change it’s type to the new handler (custom handlers appear at the bottom of the drop down list, seperate from the alphabetically sorted default handlers)

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Once ‘installed’ properly, you can pair up the bulbs. It’s possibly they may still pair up using the stock DTH and you might have to go in and manually change it.

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Works perfectly now.

Thanks Robin!


Hi - I’ve recently bought one of these to go alongside a Lightify RGBW in a couple of table lamps. I use a Virtual Dimmer switch to control them both in sync. Worked great when I had two Lightifys, but these don’t play nicely together… The main problem is with Color Temp - the Virtual Dimmer and Lightify both work on Kelvins, but this DTH seems to work on a number between 1 and 100.

Any ideas how I can make them play? Either by changing the scale from 100 to Kelvins or doing some maths somewhere to convert on the fly???

You have two options:

  1. Learn Groovy and try and do it yourself.
  2. Ask @erocm1231 really really really nicely and see if he can help out.
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Unfortunately I don’t quite have the time to help out, but maybe someone else on here can. :slight_smile:

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Hello, I bought 4 Monoprice RGB light bulbs and reading from the comments, they mentioned this handler can be used with it since it is detected as an AEON RGBW bulb. Unfortunately, I only have 1.04 version – is there a way to update my firmware to 1.05 without using a z-wave stick?

I mean the handler works but most since im on 1.04 – almost nothing is working with the handler.

There’s no way of updating Z-Wave firmware OTA right now and not likely for a long time. If almost nothing is working with the handler, it’s nothing to do with the firmware version as I’ve got Aeon bulbs on the older firmware working just fine.