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[RELEASE] Aeon Multisensor 6 (Advanced)


(Bryan B.) #121

I have been looking into some of their newer in-wall switches. Do you have any experience with them, specifically the ZEN22. At <$30 it seems like a good buy, but I haven’t come across any reviews.

(Myles Gray) #122

Curious as to why the LUX range is set from 0-1000 LUX?

The blurb on the site shows 0-30,000 LUX and the auto-dimmer smartapp seems to line up with those lux values rather than 0-1000?

“Digital light.
Measuring light between 0 lux to 30000 lux, gone is the analogue light sensor with it replaced in MultiSensor 6’s with real-time, digital measurements.”

However the user manual shows 0 to 1000 lux.

Anyone know what range is correct, given the smartapps I want to use seems to tend towards the larger range.

(3one4) #123

I ordered the MultiSensor 6 do I only need the Z-wave stick for firmware updates, not sure if I needed it for the new OS from( erocm1231) so this thing will work on SmartThings hub . Do I want the 7.0 or 8.0 firmware update anyways ? One more question I also ordered the Aeon recessed door sensor is there any programming for it to work with the SmartThings hub?

(Alwas) #124

I have two of these modules running your great handler.
One is version 1.06 EU other is version 1.07 EU.

There is a new version available on their website
V1.18, do you recommend updating to it, or will it break the handler do you think?

(Eric M) #125

@Alwas I am looking into the link you posted, and the information is confusing. Firmware v1.18 does not seem like it is for the Multisensor 6. The page mentions connecting the sensor to a computer via USB, but as far as I know, Multisensor 6 is only OTA upgrade capable. Also, the guide link links backs to the older Multisensor and the sequence of updates so far have been 1.06, 1.07, 1.08. I would be cautious trying to flash this firmware. This is the link that I use to look for firmware updates:

@3one4data The Z-wave stick is only for firmware updates. You don’t need it for the MultiSensor 6 to work with SmartThings. Also, the recessed sensor works out of the box with the default Z-Wave Contact Sensor device handler.

(3one4) #126

I just looked that v1.18 is for the Gen5 sensor

Chris Costabile

(Simon) #127

I’m in EU. Using Roberts DH, I can see in ST IDE that my current firmware is 1.7.
How can that be when the newest version is 1.08?
Or is my firmware wrongly reported?

My real problem actually is that I now have 2 of these multisensors installed only 5 months ago, now reporting 1% battery.
That was FAST, when advertised “up to 2 years”…

I do not have a stick, so I have not updated firmware, and the only configuration I have done is to set sentativity.

Any suggestions how to improve battery life, so I dont have to buy me poor in batteries (I have several more of these sensors in the house)?
Would firmware update improve battery you think?

(Eric M) #128

Firmware 1.08 was pulled back because of issues. There is no ETA of it being re-released. 1.07 works great though. It is just missing the ability to turn off the LED.

As for battery life, I had horrible battery life when using other handlers. This handler is programmed for optimal battery life. Personally, I have had phenomenal results with it. I really don’t see why anyone is using any other handler for the Multisensor 6.

(Simon) #129

You mean any other than Roberts “Aeon Multisensor 6 - RV 2.3”-DH right?

So is my reported firmware 1.7 in IDE the same as the current official 1.07 then?

Are there any other configuration I need to make in order for battery to last longer.

Because 2 devices within 2 weeks already out of battery already after 5 months… that’s not impressive to me, what I would expect.


I am using the DH from @erocm123 and my firmware is reported as 1.07EU within SmartThings

I have had this sensor for a couple of months and the battery is still shwoing as 100%

I’m not going to upgrade to 1.08 as I prefer the LED to flash.

(Simon) #131

I’m very sorry, I didn’t see this was a new DH for this device.

I have now tested this DH, and instead of being on 1% it now says 31% and also now reports firmware 1.07 EU.

I will test the features further, thank you :slight_smile:

(Rodrigo Cuadros) #132

I agree. Battery life has been amazing using @erocm1231 DTH. Furthermore, I’m using selective reporting (with 15 minutes period, and mid thresholds), and have 100% battery after 94 days! (for sure batteries tend to discharge non-linear), but using other DTH I didn’t have capabilities for the selective reporting and I would have required to change the batteries for sure after 3 months.

(Simon) #133

I dont understand that selective reporting thing. I see that if I enable I will save battery.

But what is the downside?

My need is to

  1. get motion detection asap
  2. get lux read every 5th minutes

(Alwas) #134

My understanding is that the default reporting is one hour, with motion obviously instantaneous, but you can use selective reporting to change the reporting of individual sensors.

(Rodrigo Cuadros) #135

Motion detection is irrespective of the selective reporting, it will fire when motion is detected. Regarding lux measurements, then you will need to select 5 minutes reporting frequency, and with no threshold. Please bear in mind, you could select a threshold for the others (temp, UV, RH) so they don’t report that frequent. However, 5 minutes reporting will decrease battery life for sure.

It would be great that lux threshold to be defined by a change %. To be honest, I dont care whether the lux value change from 500 to 556, but I do care when it changes from 100 to 76. I know default is lux, but is it possible to do it? or we would require some change from the firmware…

(Simon) #136

Thank you for the explanation, perhaps I get it now :slight_smile:
But can you help confirm or correct me on these cases.

Case1: Room just using the motion sensor to turn on/off lights. So here I could increase the Reporting Interval from 3600 seconds to several hours to save more battery right? And leave Selective Reporting Off right?

Case 2: Room using both motion and Lux to turn on lights AND adjust level. So here I need lux reading every 5 minutes, BUT only if goes from e.g. 199 to 200.
So here I would enabled Selective Reporting right? and leave the luminance Threshold to 100 (so I will get lux reporting when lux reaches steps of 100, meaning 100, 200, 300, 400 and so on), is that correct understood?
Should I leave Reporting Interval at 1 hour?

(Rodrigo Cuadros) #137

My two cents
Case 1: reporting interval 3600, selective reporting YES, thresholds high

Case 2: reporting interval 5 min, selective reporting YES, lux threshold 100 (but suggest playing with this value)

When selective reporting is positive IT WILL REPORT only at that frequency AND threshold is met. For instance, lux will not be informed once it exceed threshold, but when reporting time is met AND threshold is exceed.

(Simon) #138

Great, thanks.

So for settings tresholds high for the values that I dont use, would that be like for example
Temp: 20->40
Humidity: 10->20
Lux: 100->400
Battery: 10->20
Could I increase them more, or is any of them unwise to increase?

Why not increase the reporting interval from 3600 to even more, when motion is the only feature needed?

(Simon) #139

Anyone have tried that battery reported jumps around?
Yesterday it jumped between 33% and 35% and a couple of times down to 0% or 1%. And then today it jumpts between reporting 1 and 0% battery. So I dont know what to trust.

(Eric M) #140

Sounds like the batteries might be running low. You can use something like Device Monitor to be notified if the device stops sending reports to SmartThings.