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[RELEASE] Aeon Multisensor 6 (Advanced)


(Rodrigo Cuadros) #101


I will check then, as I have the impression some reporting is done at lower thresholds.

(Jonathan Bisson) #102

@erocm1231 Got your latest device handler, seems pefect now :slight_smile: I did upgraded to 1.07v firmware, which seems to be a lot more stable. The status now get updated properly and I now can receive the battery report as expected.

Thanks !!!

(Jan-Bart) #103

Hi Eric

Thank you so much for your driver. Battery life was also my concern (having burned through several pairs due to incorrect settings from my side :slight_smile:

However, two questions:

  1. Where do you get firmware 1.08? I have several people that really want the indicator light turned off, but google is not my friend in this case :frowning:

  2. You mention a side process which you use the aotec z-wave stick to upgrade the firmware by configuring it as a secondary controller, and mention that you might document that sometime. Did you get round to that? I am asking because I am not looking forward to unpairing 8 multisensors, upgrading and repairing…

Again, thanks for all your efforts



Its working now :slight_smile:

(Rodrigo Cuadros) #105

After playing around with the thresholds, I can say they compare with the last measurement (not report). I have never had consecutives reports (i’m on battery) below the thresholds, but non-consecutives have been below the thresholds.

Besides from that, the DTH is amazing.


(Eric M) #106

Hmmm, if it does work that way, then that is a little silly. Say I set up a threshold of 1F. If every reporting interval the device only increases in temperature of .5F, then I could potentially have the temperature increase by 50 degrees and never be notified. I’ll have to double check that with Aeon.

(Rodrigo Cuadros) #107

I know. But that’s the only explanation for having lower intervals than the threshold. The only other explanation is that I’m working on Celsius degrees.

(Jan-Bart) #108


So does anybody know how I can get hold of firmware 1.08?



(Mike) #109

Firmware 1.08 was removed as it had a bug.

(Jan-Bart) #110

Hey Mikee

Yeah, I saw that, but the bug would not really affect me (if it is the bug that is described above here)… so I was hoping to install it anyway.

Thanks for the response in any case :slight_smile:



(Mike) #111

Hi There Jan-Bart,

AeonTech support is very helpful and friendly. If you like you can reach out the tech who previously helped me he most likely be able to pass you the firmware.

Chris Cheng
Field Application Engineer
Aeon Labs

Good Luck

(Chris ) #112

I just got the multi sensor 6 today and was wondering how to pair it. My hub doesn’t seem to find it.

(Eric M) #113

Try to do a Z-Wave exclusion first. For some reason, that will often get things working.

(Chris ) #114

Thanks. I tried that but I’ll give it a shot again. I had the back cover off so I could plug it in with the usb cable for set up per the instructions so I had to push the ‘action’ button by pushing the flimsy lever that goes behind that area of the cover. Also does anyone else’s have a rattle?

(Chris ) #115

It’s still not seeing it. I guess I’ll just send it back.

(Andrea Bianco) #116

Double checking on the instructions to include (ST Hub). This is my first Aeon sensor device - be forgiving. I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot pairing this.

The instructions that come with the device say specifically that the powered to the Zwave network “it must be powered by the intended power source of regular use”

I will be using battery power - the instructions on Roberts github - line 25 - state USB power - I am using the code

  • Aeon Multisensor 6 (Advanced)
  • github: Eric Maycock (erocm123)
  • email:
  • Date: 2016-08-18 6:45 PM
  • Copyright Eric Maycock

(Chris ) #117

I tried repeatedly to no avail. I returned it.

(Andrea Bianco) #118

success with getting on the hub … all looks good. Thank you Eric and Robert for writing this code.

Now, for the settings . . I will have to “play” with that part … stay tuned, I will probably have more Q’s.
Is there documentation somewhere (other than this thread) ?

Trying to achieve. . . I want to mount this in bathroom / above (ceileing?) shower … I have another motion sensor that control’s lights - BUT want more options while shower is running. …

  1. a.) Light goes on with motion in the specific SHOWER area NOT master bath in general;
    b.) IF LUX < X (This is where I am really stuck on what to set the lux to - been playing)
  2. humidity reaches > X% turn on exhaust fan (is on smart switch) -> turn off after humity < X%

Again using battery power and I have “enabled” “selective reporting”.

(Eric M) #119

You’ll really have to play around with things to find out the right placement and lux setting. It really depends on the environment.

As for the documentation, there is a PDF in my Github (with the device handler). It may provide what you are looking for.

(Andrea Bianco) #120

i will check that doc out. thank you. OK, i will “play” I thought that may be the case.