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[RELEASE] Aeon Multisensor 6 (Advanced)

Hello all, I was wondering if there is a way to remove the decimal places in Temperature?

Happy New Year everyone

I have a Z-Wave Aeon Multisensor 6 Gen5 sensor working well to detect motion as well as illuminance ; temperature less significant. I have adopted @erocm123 s excellent Aeon Multisensor 6 (Advanced) dth to get it working well. However I am currently attempting to Localise where possible, and utilising Smart Lighting.

Can anyone help and/or guide me to get this device Local and reporting Motion and illuminance please?

To get it to run locally you need to switch over to a SmartThings device handler that has been included in their hub firmware. I think they have an Aeon Multisensor 6 handler published by SmartThings so you can try that one.

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Unfortunately the ST device handler can’t be made to update more frequently than every 8 minutes. This is why I use Eric’s DTH (I get updates of illuminance very 1 minute).

Eric (@erocm1231), where do I find your DTH for the new Samsung app? Is it now proven?

I’ve been able to get it working in the new app. There is an update in Github so you need to make sure you have the latest version of the handler installed. Also, I had to do this:

“Also, you may have to click on the gear icon in the classic app and then hit “save” once the new handler is installed. Then force close the new app and reopen it.”

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Thanks Eric. Will the modified DTH also display/behave properly in Classic, or does the updated code prevent that option?

I still prefer Classic, but am preparing for the inevitable…

Update: searched Github, but cannot find your latest DTH

It is in the first post and it won’t cause any problems with the classic app.

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@erocm1231 I have firmware 1.12 and it is USB powered.
It looks like that it’s reporting every 4 minutes from the live log even though I set the reporting interval to 30 seconds.

I also tried to move it to the garage from inside the house aroun 7:53 and the stats did not get updated.
Any idea?

Here is my setting

I am on v1.07 and just tested mine by changing the Report Interval to 30 and it is reporting every 30 seconds.
If you watch the live view in the IDE you should be able to see the setting commands reported.
I am using SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0 as my device handler.

I don’t have the solution but hopefully what I shared will help you to discover a solution.

I’ve got about 8 of these sensors (Aeon Multisensor 6), using this Advance handler.
Anyways to cut a long story short, I had some issues with one of my sensors after replacing the batteries (low battery at the time). However, it didn’t seem to register 100% battery so ended up performing an exclusion via the smartthing app. No problems there.

I then proceeded with the inclusion process but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to work!?
I have also tried holding it down for over 20 secs for a hard reset. Then again tried the inclusion but just doesn’t work?
What’s weird is that the diagnostic logs seem to suggest that the device has joined the network as I do see it under the diagnostic logs i.e. Aeon Multisensor 6 (Advance). But its just not listed under the devices? I must have reset and tried joining several times but just no joy?!?

I’m now at a complete lost as to what to do? Can anyone help me?

I had the same issue and Aeotec support suggest I revert to the Samsung device handler and delete the custom device handler. Then do the inclusion. It worked for me…

From Humidity perspective I’d like to read the value from my SmartApp. Does the DH provide such function? It should refresh the value from the sensor and send it back. That way I should be able to preserve the battery by refreshing and reading the sensor only when I need.

If you are using batteries with the device, then it will be in a sleep mode most of the time and you won’t be able to manually pull the information from it. Your SmartApp will only be able to read the information that was last reported when the device woke up.

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So what exactly happens when you click the Refresh button?
And in case you’d like to change the setting to more frequent updates, how do you do that?
What I have in mind is this: I’d like to use the Humidity sensor for the shower vent. So once a shower has began I thought to turn on the vent and increase the refresh rate until the Humidity goes down to a desired level, then increase the refresh rate back to save battery until the next time the shower is used. Is that doable?

Not sure how to adjust polling on the fly, but this smartapp allows you to force a frequency on the device.

The refresh button works if you have the Multisensor hooked up via USB.

You can adjust the device preferences in the SmartThings app to have the reporting interval set to as little as every 4 minutes (on battery). This will have an impact on battery of course.

So if I can do it in the App, why can’t I call a function to do the same?

You change the preferences of the device in the app, the preferences sync to the device the next time it wakes up, then it starts reporting every x minutes (whatever you have set it to).

Doing this is a one time thing so I don’t know why you would write an app to change the device preferences.

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I’d like to use the Humidity sensor for the shower vent. So once a shower has began I thought to turn on the vent and increase the refresh rate until the Humidity goes down to a desired level, then increase the refresh rate back to save battery until the next time the shower is used.
That’s what I have in mind. Now as I understand how it works I’ll try to figure out some logic that hopefully can work. Or maybe it’d be easier to just get electricity to the sensor :slight_smile:

Thank you Eric! I appreciate your help.