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[RELEASE] Aeon Multisensor 6 (Advanced)


(Allan Anghinoni) #344

Thanks so much Eric.

Last Friday I received Aeotec Z-Stick and update one of my sensor from 1.08 to 1.10.
Thanks to my co-worker who was visiting the US. :grin:

But it was still showing 1.10EU, I update the Device Handler and choose US! :wink:

Maybe it was showing EU because I set my hub to show the Temperature in Celsius, not in Fahrenheit?
Here in Brazil we use Celsius.

By the way, thanks so much to update the DH and as @Panchy345 wrote: “You really enhanced this sensor for us SmartThings users.”

(Eric M) #345

I haven’t been paying attention, but they must have changed it. The Z-wave alliance is definitely showing 10-2120:

If you contact support they can probably provide the older firmware. I’ll change the handler back with just a note that some firmware versions only support the values 10+

@anghinoni The tile may not update until a report comes in from the device. If it doesn’t, check to see if there are any errors when you hit save on the preferences page.

(Adam) #346

Thanks Eric!

(Allan Anghinoni) #347

It is working like a charm now! :grinning:


I am behind the curve… I looked at the manufacture’s website, but it is not clear. Can the firmware be updated without having to spend another $44 on the stick, via USB directly? Is there another way to update these without the additional cost?

Looking at this from Smarthings, the only options is to change the sensor report interval down to 8 minutes. I wanted to use this in my bedroom as a remote temperature sensor to drive my thermostat. I am disabled as is my wife and am looking to be more comfortable during the night. I suppose i can try to follow changing out the provider? discussed here so I can change it down to as low as 30 seconds without the firmware update?

sorry, I am a newbie at the smarthome stuff, but have been in IT for 30 years…


(Eric M) #349

Yeah, unfortunately it only supports OTA updates so you have to have a USB Z-wave controller. There are some cheaper options:


Ok thanks, that’s good to know there are other options.

As far as frequency updates on the device, must I update the firmware?
1)How can I find out the current version without a usb stick? Or can I not?
2) what is the most frequent I can update without the update? If I read right, if I use batteries, updates by default will be?


(Eric M) #351

The device handler should show the firmware version in the last tile. It is also shown in the Raw Description in the IDE as well as in the “Data” section.

It looks like you can set the report interval down to 240 seconds on battery power. You will probably see an impact on battery life so watch out for that.


… is there a primer that can help me get up to speed where to find this info? I just figured out there is a problem with the API user account is out of sync with my mobile which is what is causing me confusion… but thought I would ask anyway. thanks!

(Rob Whapham) #353

So I’ve followed this topic on and off because I was considering purchasing a Multisensor 6. Of course, quite a bit of time went by, and now I may be interested in using one of these devices. Can someone be kind enough to sum up the current state of its integration with SmartThings? Is there an issue with some versions of the firmware but not others? My purpose is to have it outside (but under cover) to monitor temperature and humidity to help with the animals we have. The light sensor is a bonus to drive my exterior lights. I don’t expect I’ll use the motion sensor at all. Thanks in advance.

(Daniel Ionescu) #354

I have it outside monitoring weather as well as motion and light. It’s on latest firmware 1.10 and I have it USB powered (batteries will die pretty quickly in cold weather - northeast). No issues at all.

(Rob Whapham) #355

I’ve dabbled a bit with my own SmartApp for automation around my house, but not really with Device Handlers before. One of the thing I use in my SmartApp that might be a nice addition to this handler (especially for us in hot states like Texas) is a calculation and display of the “heat index” as the main value instead of the “simple” temperature. Here’s my function for calculating it (from the NOAA formulas), where ‘temp’ is in degrees Fahrenheit and ‘rh’ is the humidity in percent (e.g. 85, not 0.85):

def calcHeatIndex(temp, rh)
    def heatIndex = null

    if (temp != null)
        if (rh != null)
            heatIndex = -42.379 + (2.04901523*temp) + (10.14333127*rh) - (0.22475541*temp*rh) - (0.00683783*temp*temp) - (0.05481717*rh*rh) + (0.00122874*temp*temp*rh)+ (0.00085282*temp*rh*rh) - (0.00000199*temp*temp*rh*rh);

            if ((rh < 13) && (temp > 80) && (temp < 112))
                heatIndex -= ((13 - rh) / 4) * Math.sqrt ((17 - Math.abs (temp - 95)) / 17)
            else if ((rh > 85) && (temp > 80) && (temp < 87))
                heatIndex += ((rh - 85) / 10) * ((87 - temp) / 5)

            if (heatIndex < 80)
                heatIndex = 0.5 * (temp + 61.0 + ((temp - 68.0) * 1.2) + (rh * 0.094))

            heatIndex = Math.round (heatIndex)
            heatIndex = temp

    return (heatIndex)

From Wikipedia, a heat index of 80-90 is considered “caution” (yellow), 90-105 “extreme caution” (yellow-orange), 105-130 “danger” (orange), and over 130 “extreme danger” (red). Just a suggestion. Thanks.

(Rob Whapham) #356

@NomadTech, is your unit mounted in any special enclosure? When I was first researching the Multisensor 6, I could have sworn its product info page stated it could be used outside as-is. But the page now has the following verbiage (bold and italics added for my emphasis):

Outdoor sensor .
Use outdoor intelligence. When installed in a waterproof & anti-condensation enclosure, you can use MultiSensor 6’s non-motion sensors outdoors.

I’ve mounted mine under a roofline where it will not receive any direct moisture, but now I’m concerned about the “anti-condensation” statement Aeotec has made.

(Daniel Ionescu) #357

I have them mounted under the eave. No enclosure. I only had to reduce Sensitivity from 5 to 3 and I powered it through USB as batteries loose capacity in cold weather. Haven’t had any issues for more then 1 year on either of the 3 of them.

(Wayne Hansen) #358

Getting “Current value of parameter XXX is unknown” for all values under DEBUG in the Live Log… is that normal?

Additionally, when attempting to view the device in the newer SmartThings app I get a “Couldn’t connect to… Try again later” error.

(Eric M) #359

This is a newly installed device?

Most custom device handlers don’t work in the new SmartThings app. I have made a change to it a few weeks ago to make it work so make sure you have the latest handler installed. Also, you may have to click on the gear icon in the classic app and then hit “save” once the new handler is installed. Then force close the new app and reopen it.

(Wayne Hansen) #360

It was/is… looks like it cleared up and I was just being impatient… sorry.

Tried force stopping the newer app, tried clearing cache, then tried clearing all data… something different happened after logging in on the third one… a message window stating “A device handler needs to be downloaded to continue” or something similar popped up, then the same error when it went into the device screen… NBD…

I’m new to this… is there any actual benefit to the new app? Other than UI changes?

(Eric M) #361

I’m not a fan of the new app . . . yet. They still have a lot of work to do on it.

Not sure about why the handler isn’t working for you though. Just checked again and it is working for me.

(Wayne Hansen) #362

Yeah… huh… but not a big deal… I prefer the Classic so far as well



I’m using the Aeon Multisensor 6 with Eric’s device handler and it working very well. Battery consumes relatively fast but otherwise all well.

suddenly, I’m noticing the motion detection is causing another aeon micro light to turn on. light turns off when motion stops. it’s quite a strange behaviour as I haven’t defined any rule myself on this. Plz help !