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[RELEASE] Aeon Multisensor 6 (Advanced)


(Loic) #262

I certainly could setup the log to 1 min for this application, but I was hoping to report the parameters I don’t need only once every few hours…

(Micheal ) #263


I recently purchased a couple of these and found Eric’s DTH to be GREAT. However, I am not a big fan of ‘click to reset’ on the interface so I optimized the interface and added/fixed a few items to my personal taste, including adding an area to put in the date of replacement. Kudos to @erocm1231 and I offer this as an expansion of his efforts.

[RELEASE] Ask Alexa
(Loic) #264

@CodyO What? There is a version 1.09? I though the 1.08 was still in beta…

(Uriel A Colon) #265

Hello Lolo,
You need to contact Aeon Labs Support to attain it.
that is how i received a copy

(Cory Patton) #266

I’ve been trying this device handler with my OOMI sensor as well, still haven’t figured out where to change the parameter based around Aeon’s suggestion, is it inside the device handler??

"Everything about the Oomi Multisensor is more or less the same as the Multisensor 6 in this case. There is one option that is enabled in Oomi version that locks its configuration in place, but can be easily disabled. (All internal settings are pretty much the same).


Oomi version has its default set to 1, so to unlock everything you can set Parameter 252 [1 byte] = 0 which will allow you to configure the Oomi Multisensor just like our Multisensor 6 product."

(Loic) #267

What are the updates in 1.09? I’m actually still running 1.07.

(Uriel A Colon) #268

The only thing i know about is the reduction of the LED firing off every time it sent info.
As of today there is no official releases for 1.09 so no updates docs either.

(Olivier) #269

Struggling a tiny bit with this one. I have a multi sensor installed outside, and as expected, the motion detector is useless. So I have tried to disable it (by entering 0 for sensitivity), but I still see “Motion detected” in the recently tab every minute or so…
Any idea?


(Micheal ) #270

Is there constant movement? The two I just got work great…one’s vibration sensor goes off when the wind blows, but the motion sensor is stable.

(Olivier) #271

The boiler’s flue is in the field of view, which explains the constant movement

BUT sensitivity has been set to 0 which should disable the motion sensor altogether.

No idea of why it is still detecting motion every 2/5 mins…


Firmware versions 1.10 for US/AU and 1.11 for EU were posted yesterday. 1.08 was removed. I haven’t yet tested 1.10.

(Loic) #273

Here is the change log:
V1.10 + V1.11:

  1. Added addition setting for Parameter 81 to completely disable LED.
    Parameter 81 [1 byte size]
    0 = All LED allowed
    1 = Disable Motion sensor only.
    2 = Disable all LED activity

  2. Size change for Parameters 41, 49, and 50 to 4 byte size.

  3. Updated Z-Wave Library

  4. US, AU frequency V1.10 equivalent to V1.11 EU frequency.

  5. Version CC and Manufacturing CC listed under secure network.

  6. Improved accuracy of lighting sensor

I’m assuming we’ll have to wait until the DTH is updated correct?

(Uriel A Colon) #274

Hello Lolo,

I believe we’ll have to wait until the DTH is updated.

I have used the Z-wave tweeker to manually set the Parameter 81 to “2” and i still have the LED coming on.
It might be getting overwritten by the device handler’s own options for this field 0 or 1.

(Eric M) #275

Awesome, I’m glad they are still working on this sensor as it is a great device. I’ll update the parameters.

Also, can you post the RAW Description from the IDE for the OOMI sensor?

(Mikkel Winther) #277

I don’t know if anyone can help, but I updated the Multisensor to 1.1 and pushed the latest version of erocm1231’s code to my hub.

But one of my two Multisensors doesn’t seem to respect the “LED Off” command, as the LED continues to blink at me every so often. Do I need to “flush” the Hub or do anything on my end to make sure everything works as it should?

Also there’s a orange dot next to the “Configure” tile in the settings for Multisensor, does that mean anyting bad?


@erocm1231, the Raw Description for one of my OOMI sensors is:

zw:Ls type:2101 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00 cc:5E,86,72,59,85,73,71,84,80,30,31,70,98,7A,5A

for the other, it’s:

zw:L type:2101 mfr:016A prod:0102 model:0064 ver:1.04 zwv:4.05 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,59,85,73,71,84,80,30,31,70,7A,5A role:06 ff:8C07 ui:8C07

(Nathan Curtis) #279


I don’t have an answer to the LED question but the orange dot in your mobile app is usual if you changed a setting (or opened up the settings panel for the first time and then hit save) but those settings have not yet uploaded to the device. One of the coolest features of Eric’s DTH is that you can make settings changes without having to open the device. The downside is you have to wait for the device to sync. That orange dot tells you settings are in this state and pending upload.


I have 2 sensors that the motion has stopped working on. I have unpaired and paired back and have done factory resets on them with no luck. Aeotec next step is to change some parameters.

Parameter 3 [2 byte] = 10 // This will set the timeout of the PIR sensor to 10 seconds
Parameter 4 [1 byte] = 5 // This is the default setting, but sending it in anyways may active the PIR sensor
Parameter 5 [1 byte] = 2 // After setting param 3 and 4, i would test the unit first before setting this. This changes the report type to your gateway.

After that they say last case scenario is to update the firmware.

Anyone know how I can do this or has a way to get the motion sensor to start working again. My firmware is v1.07.


@MichaelS, thanks for the updated DTH. I’m trying it on one of my sensors and so far it looks good. It looks like only change you made to the Settings page is the Battery Replacement Counter section. Please confirm. I suggest that if a quorum of us like the interface changes you issue a Pull Request to have the changes incorporated into Eric’s DTH.

(Micheal ) #282

There were other little tweaks with syntax and code cleanup, but yes…the battery timer and the interface were the main changes, along with documenting the DTH here:

I did update it with the new firmware revisions right from @erocm1231’s code, so I am not claiming this should work any different than his except for the battery part.