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[RELEASE] Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren

(Kevin) #462

I can make it appear as a siren in the new app, if it doesn’t already, but the new app doesn’t support custom DTHs so there’s no way to get it to display custom tiles or the settings.

The SmartApps in the new mobile app don’t appear to support custom messages for audio devices so I don’t believe there’s a way to use the custom commands In the new app either.

I’ve never seen the new SmartApp display the wrong name so that’s really weird…


(Ice Bear) #463

@krlaframboise – Thank you for creating this. I got the Siren on Sunday, and after a little futzing, reading this thread countless times, I got it working close to the ideal level I’d like - really for me its just an alerter that occasionally goes off - so if once in a while it gets in its annoying 2 second siren its not bad.

I actually picked up this siren before finding this thread and DTH – The siren would have sucked balls without your work – THANK YOU.

Read through this 400+ thread, and I saw you mentioned the door chime, dome, and zipato – although Im happy with this siren, wondering your overall thoughts on Sirens today, as those comments go back a couple years now. Are you still supporting this DTH? Are there better alternatives for devices out there – I really hit a roadblock on finding anything good during my initial searches – luckily this + your work made it fall together.

thanks again


(Kevin) #464

Kind of, but I’m not adding new functionality and there’s no way to improve the reliability.

I like the Aeotec Doorbell because it allows you to load 99 customer mp3s and it has 10 volume levels, but it can’t be used as a siren.

The old version of the Neo Coolcam Siren was basically the same as the Dome Siren, but they changed the sounds in the latest version and most of them are siren related so it no longer makes a good chime. The only benefit to the latest model is that it can be used as just a strobe.

I think the Zooz S2 Multisiren is the only new siren/chime that’s come out recently. It’s a really loud siren that doesn’t have volume control and it’s also a chime that has 3 volumes, but you have to connect it to a computer in order to change the volume. You can load about 37 custom sound files onto it and it reports Temperature and Humidity. The only things I don’t like about it are that the sound quality isn’t as good as the Aeotec Doorbell and it requires C batteries. (i think it’s C, but it might be D)

Out of all the sirens/chimes I’ve played with, I’d have to say that the Aeotec Doorbell 6/Aeotec Siren 6 are the most reliable and have the best built-in sound/strobe options, but you can’t load custom sound files onto them. These devices haven’t launched yet, but they were supposed to at the end of 2018 so I can’t imagine it will be too much longer.