[RELEASE] Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren

Got the device Friday. This is the third day. Far better to force the defect to the surface now vs. coming across it while looking to secure the home. I’ve tried about five different products for a combo door beep during the day / alert siren at night and all have been underwhelming. I may try again with this product as it’s the closest to what’s needed. The best part of the experience has been coming across a really helpful community and cool smart apps and device type handlers.

It sounds like the one you have is dead so I think it would be worth returning it and seeing if a new one is more reliable.

If you do end up getting a replacement, try to get it to pair securely by moving it so that it’s the closest device to the hub and pressing the action button multiple times while pairing.

If you still have one of the other sirens, you should look into the Aeon Doorbell instead of trying to find a siren/door combo.

Aeon Doorbell

It’s about $50, and it’s poorly made device that makes a horrible doorbell, but you can load up to 100 mp3s files and play them back by track number. The mp3s can only be 20 seconds long and it’s not loud enough to scare anyone off, but it’s loud enough to hear through closed doors.

I wrote a DTH for it that allows you to play the tracks at various volumes from any SmartApp that supports the Music Player capability. It also allows you to use the device as a button so that you can use it to do something unrelated to playing a track.

I’d much rather wake up and hear a message stating that the backdoor was opened followed my motion was detected in a room, then have to listen to an ear piercing siren while I fumble around trying to find my phone so I can pull up SmartThings to figure out if it’s a false alarm.

I’ve added a siren like sound to the beginning of my security related tracks so that I’m awake by the time it starts talking.

Zipato Siren

If you want to stick with a siren, you should check out the Zipato Siren.

It’s about $80, but it comes with the built in sounds: Ambulance, Emergency, Fire, Police, Door, and Beep.

The first 4 are sirens, but the Door and Beep sounds both play 2 short tones and since they’re built in, they’re 100% reliable.

I wrote a DTH for it that allows you to use all the features from any SmartApp that supports sound.


Great salesman! :slight_smile:

Yes, I will return the first one and try another. See what happens.

I will definitely take a look at the doorbell as my preference, very much as you described, is not for a Siren but a speaker with audio alerts of different types and volumes for different events. I took a look at a series of speakers that had different challenges:

  1. a couple of different wifi audio receivers plugged into an aux port: created a feedback loop resulting in a very quiet buzz that was complex to fix
  2. went to sleep when not in use and required a button push to wake up
  3. would default to bluetooth on restart or app launch requiring regular monitoring
  4. didn’t handle TTS well (possibly a STs problem)
  5. didn’t play anything that wasn’t in a local network on a powered up and ready DLNA server
  6. ugly, expensive, obtrusive

I have 70+ devices and the Aeon Doorbell is my favorite, but I didn’t want to recommend it without mentioning it’s flaws.

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The device is great, but you can’t use it for TTS like a speaker because it can only play the mp3 files that you’ve loaded onto it.

It also has a lot of quirks, but they’re documented on the Aeotec Aeon Labs Doorbell topic and there are workarounds for most of them.

I just ordered this siren and am looking forward to using this DTH. Im using CoRE, so I hope I can get this set up properly.

@krlaframboise Is it possible to setup your repo in ST instead of having to go to Git and copy/paste the code?

When you pair the device, make sure you’re close to the hub and you tap the action button multiple times while it’s looking for the device because that should make it pair securely.

It should still work when not paired securely, but the beep feature is more reliable when it is.

It is setup in ST, use the following settings.


Hi, I am a newbie and based on suggestion in a different thread I got a aeon labs siren and this custom device handler to solve my scenario - i.e. “In addition to the regular siren, I want a beep sound everytime any door is opened irrespective of the ST Hub mode” .
It looks like the Rule Machine is not available any more and you have no way to configure conditional rules like “sound a beep when door opens” rule. any suggestion for an alternative approach or how to solve this?


Get help

What is CoRE?

Or you could use…

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CoRE is great, but it’s not necessary to make the siren beep when you open a door. This can be done with Smart Home Monitor and/or Speaker Notify with Sound.

The post explains how

I believe this Device Type isn’t functioning properly for me. I installed a Gen 5 Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren on Friday. I initially installed it with the ST device type, realizing it didn’t have all the functionality I looked for, I uninstalled it and reinstalled your device type by adding your git repo to the IDE.

Beeps 1,2 & 3 all sound the same. One constant ~2 sec beep. Beeps 4,5 & 6 are 3 ~2 sec beeps with 1 to 2 secs between them. Changing the volume on either the siren or beep doesn’t seem to do anything unless vol 1 and vol 3 aren’t much different. Changing the length of beep in ms or time between beeps in ms also has no effect. Changing beep repeat works just fine.

I tried removing the device from all smartapps, deleting it from the IDE, power cycled my v1 hub, added the device type back in, but it behaves exactly the same. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Edit - so I busted out my SPL and did measure a 10db difference volume 1 and 3. It’s much more noticeable when you’re in the same room. I also used tried setting a custom beep in Smart Alarm Notification to 3,1,2,500,50 and again duration of beep and duration between beep are not working.

A lot of users have trouble getting the device to pair securely and if it’s not paired securely, the beep feature will be unreliable.

Having the device close to the hub and tapping the action button multiple times during the pairing process should make it pair securely, but it sometimes takes several attempts.

Thanks for the tip! Anything I can look for in the log to confirm?

Edit - Nevermind… that did the trick!

I am fairly new to this, but I was able to get the DH to work, but it does not recognize my door switch (SENSATIVE) Zwave. Any ideas?

This device handler is for the Aeon Labs Siren so there’s no “door switch” involved…

okay, thank you.

Got this finally implemented, thank you!

However, I use this custom message in the “speaker play sound” smartapp: 4, 3, 1, 500, 1000 and it doesnt play beep 4… it plays a different tone and I can’t identify which it is. I’m trying to get 3 quick chimes for a door open alert.

Is it possible to somehow “Trick” the siren into using a single chirp sound and making it repeat it three times very quickly? I could probably fiddle with this for an hour or two playing with it, but figured I’d just ask.

Love the work, it’s awesome!

You basically have it set to play sound 4 for 1 second, but it doesn’t start playing from the same spot so you could end up with no sound if it was between beeps or with a partial beep.

Sound 3 is a continuous tone so it’s the most reliable. Based on what others have reported, if your device isn’t paired securely, the beep feature will be so unreliable that it’s practically useless.

The line below should beep 3 times at volume 3 and each beep should last about 100ms and there should be about 250ms pause between them. If you’re device is paired securely, you should find it somewhat reliable, but it’s far from perfect

3, 3, 3, 250, 100

Thank you, I will try that right now. How can I be sure that it’s paired “Securely”? I just installed your device handler, paired the siren, then assigned the handler to the siren.