[RELEASE] Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren

The Aeon Siren doesn’t have tracks, it just has the 5 sounds you can turn on. This siren doesn’t have a built-in auto off so if the “Turn siren off after” setting is 0, the alarm will stay on until you manually turn it off.

Are you by any chance trying to use the Aeon Doorbell with this DTH instead of the Siren?

@krlaframboise I just got around to trying CoRE. AMAZING! What a fantastic tool to have in our took kit! Thanks for the tip.

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I just released version 1.8.2 which is required if you’re using CoRE v0.1.131.20160805 or above.


Can you elaborate on what’s different or what needed to be changed? Thanks.

In theory, as long as you update both, I don’t think you’ve have to change any of your pistons, but I recommend testing a few of them just to make sure.

This is probably way more information than you wanted, but the following explains why the changes were made.

ST recently removed some commands from the Music Player capability and created the new capability “Audio Notification”, but it used different arguments than what CoRE was using.

The Aeon Siren isn’t a Speech Synthesis or Music Player, but I’ve had to support those capabilities so that users can use the non-alarm related features built into the DTH and those capabilities have caused a lot of confusion.

The Audio Notification capability isn’t supported in Smart Home Monitor right now, but it fits the purpose of this device and since the “Alarm & Notifications” section has a field called “Audio Notifications”, I’m hoping they plan to add it soon.

I’ve created 5 DTHs for 4 devices that provide a lot of the same sound related features so I wanted to add the new capability so they’d be ready when SHM and other SmartApps start supporting it.

I know that many of the users that use my DTHs also use CoRE and the new capability wasn’t supported so I couldn’t make the change without possibly breaking people’s pistons.

Since the commands and arguments CoRE was using didn’t seem to work with any other devices and they’ve never been documented, @ady624 added the “Audio Notification” capability to CoRE and changed the arguments of those commands to match the documentation.

Kevin - once again, thanks for bringing this little device to life, including integration with CoRE.

I’d like your opinion, please. I’ve been using the following DTH for simple beeping:

I am coming to believe that the resiliency that @ady624 has built into CoRE makes it the most reliable SmartApp and I’m moving everything I can to CoRE. With all the functionality that you and Adrian have built into the Aeon chime, I’m considering replacing the above BEEP dth with just CoRE pistons and your custom command set.

In addition to the flexibility of the command set, how would the reliability be? Currently the BEEP dth works about 19 out of 20 times; the other 1/20, it never stops. While this keeps her on her toes and reminds her that I have the ability to make her life miserable, the hit to WAF is probably not worth it. Do you think your beep functionality would do better than 95%?

Is this with my DTH or the code on that other page?

With my GoControl and Zipato DTHs, the siren sometimes turns on for a few seconds instead of beeping, but I’ve never had that happen with the Aeon Siren.

If you’re doing something like playing multiple beeps on a schedule and the schedule is close together, the beeps might overlap and be inconsistent, but that’s the only issue I’ve seen.

Without using CoRE, my DTH allows you to do things like play 3 short beeps that are 1 second apart and repeat them every 5 seconds for 60 seconds.

With CoRE you could play the sequence above, but increase the frequency of the beeps every 15 seconds.

Using CoRE with the DTH also allows you to do things like beep every minute, but increase the number of times it beeps each time.

Thanks for the detailed answer. Everything I am contemplating would be with CoRE and your DTH. I’ve gen’d up a test piston and am running through your command options now to see what I like. You’ve answered my main question, which was whether you’d experienced a beep (or otherwise defined time limit command) that never ends.

EDIT: I didn’t directly answer your question. The failure I referenced as 1/20 times was with the other BEEP DTH.

I’ve tried setting this up in core but the beeping is not consistent and is just random beeping every time I test it. Perhaps it is the beep settings? Can you share yours?

I have that issue too. I don’t think it is a DH issue as it was happening with the default DH also, probably a device issue. I have code in my app that stops the siren and then in a second tries again just in case it didn’t stop.

I don’t use core for this use case so I can’t share my piston, but you can have core stop it, wait, and stop it again.

Sorry, I meant using his CoRE example.

I’m not having issue with the siren not stopping its beeping. It just isn’t increasing frequency as he described. It’s beeping randomly slow, fast, slow. It isn’t consistently doing anything for me with this piston.

The default SmartThings DTH doesn’t have a beep feature or auto off feature so when wouldn’t it turn off?

I’ve been using the beep scheduling feature frequently for months and I’ve never had it not turn off.

I seriously think something odd is going odd with your system because you seem to be the only one hearing a hissing sound and having reliability issues with the Aeon Siren and you’re also the only one experiencing tracks playing multiple times with the Aeon Doorbell while repeat track is set to 1.

Edit: Multiple people have confirmed that hearing hissing from the device is a common problem, but I haven’t had anyone confirm the duplicate beeps with the Aeon Doorbell yet.

I think I kept the piston so I’ll play around with it and see if it still works. I created that back when CoRE delays worked the way they were supposed to, but I’ve found it too unreliable to use for a lot of things lately.

This has nothing to do CoRE, it’s the SmartThings new scheduler that’s become almost as unreliable as their old one.

CoRE has measures in place to recover when the scheduler screws up, but they won’t help if something needs to execute multiple times within 1 minute.

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I do have a faint whine/hiss sound coming from my siren, but only when it is plugged in. Also, I can’t hear the noise at all unless I get within 2 feet of the siren.

That’s weird, mine doesn’t, but thanks for letting me know.

@whoismoses, how long have you had your siren?

Maybe I’m on an older firmware version. Does anyone know how to check that?

It turns out I don’t have the piston anymore, but I’m pretty sure it’s the scheduling issue I mentioned. Around the time that I wrote that one, I helped someone else write one to enable multiple cameras 15 seconds apart and that person recently reported that its been skipping a lot cameras lately.

If you want to test if it’s a timing issue, try making these changes to your piston:

{beepDelay} = 6000 - (2000 * $index)
{repeat} = (30000 / beepDelay)

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Since about May. No idea how to check on firmware version.

How did you figure out that some people were on a bad firmware version of the LeakSMART Water Sensor?

For some reason I didn’t see it before when I looked. It is in the raw description in the ide, at least I think this is what it is…

zw:Ls type:1005 mfr:0086 prod:0104 model:0050 ver:3.25 zwv:3.92 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,98 ccOut:5A,82 sec:25,70,85,59,2B,2C,73,7A role:05 ff:8F00 ui:8F00

zw:L type:1005 mfr:0086 prod:0104 model:0038 ver:1.12 zwv:3.92 lib:03 cc:5E,86,25,70,72,59,85,73,7A,5A ccOut:82 role:05 ff:8F00 ui:8F0 0

My siren matches, but my doorbell is 1.11 so maybe that has something to do with the duplicates you’re experiencing.