[RELEASE] Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren

I actually don’t use Rule Machine or SHM for my security at the moment because I wrote a custom application, but setting it up in Rule Machine was a good way to test the DH and demonstrate the Rule Machine integration.

You can still use SHM for everything, but for the entry/exit functionality to work, you would need to exclude the entry door from the list of open/close sensors in SHM.

I just added your device handler, and the screen looks similar but the text for the custom beeps and scheduled beep does not fit in the circle. I have an IOS device.

[quote=“pmjoen, post:11, topic:40652”]
I have an IOS device.
[/quote]Thank you for letting me know because I don’t have an IOS device so I have no idea what it looks like or if everything works the way it’s supposed to. Can you post a screenshot or describe what the text looks like so I can figure out the best way to fix it?

The text is larger than the circle

Thank you, that’s a huge help and I’ll fix them in the next version. FYI, the first row is 1-3 and the second is 4-6.

The Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren now supports the Music Player capability which allows you to use custom sirens and beeps with the SmartApps Smart Home Monitor and Notify with Sound.

Rule Machine is no longer required to utilize all the functionality of this Device Handler, but if you’re using Rule Machine, you can now use all the commands without setting them up as Custom Commands.

Here’s an overview of how you can use these features in the 3 SmartApps mentioned.

Smart Home Monitor
The Custom Monitoring section of SHM supports Audio Notifications and if you choose “Custom Message” for the Notification, you can specify the command to execute in the “Play this message” field.

Speaker Notify with Sound
You can setup a Custom Message action and specify the command to execute in the “Play this message” field.

Rule Machine
You can use the “Send or speak a message” action to execute the command. You do this by entering the command in the “Custom message to send” field, enabling the “Speak this message?” option, and choosing the siren for the “On this music device” field.

Supported Commands

You can execute any of these commands by entering them exactly as shown into one of the fields described above:


The customAlarm command can be used by entering “customAlarm sound, volume, duration”. The command below will play sound 5 at volume 1 for 60 seconds.
customAlarm 5, 1, 60

The delayedAlarm command can be used by entering “delayedAlarm sound, volume, duration, delay”. The command below would wait 30 seconds and then play sound 4 for 1 minute at volume 2.
delayedAlarm 4, 2, 60, 30

The customBeep command can be used by entering the 5 parameters without any text. The command below will play a 50 millisecond beep using sound 3 at volume 2 and it will do this 5 times with a 1 second pause between each beep.
3, 2, 5, 1000, 50

The startCustomBeep command can be used by entering the 7 parameters without any text. The command below performs the customBeep mentioned above at 10 second intervals for 1 minute.
10, 60, 3, 2, 5, 1000, 50


[quote=“pmjoen, post:13, topic:40652”]
The text is larger than the circle
[/quote]The version I just released should fix the button issue, but let me know if it doesn’t.

This is brilliant Kevin, thanks. I have been following along and changed my device handler yesterday, glad I didn’t get around to setting up the custom commands. I will be updating again with the more user friendly approach.


Thanks again - siren due to be received tomorrow.

Any way to build a delay in to the custom commands before the siren sounds?

This would give an option for those of us who like SHM but think it needs a delay before activating the alarm.

Or a series of beeps for a period of time before sounding a siren?

It sounds simple, but I’m sure the logic is not straightforward…

[quote=“mooch91, post:18, topic:40652”]
Any way to build a delay in to the custom commands before the siren sounds?
[/quote]I just added this feature and released 1.2.1, but making that change to the default siren would be involved so I ended up creating a new command called delayedAlarm instead.

The mobile app will show that the delayed alarm is active and allow you to cancel it, but you can’t activate it from the mobile app.

The command arguments are sound, volume, duration, delay. if in 30 seconds you want sound 4 to play for 1 minutes at volume 2, you would need to use the command:
delayedAlarm 4, 2, 60, 30

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[quote=“mooch91, post:18, topic:40652”]
Or a series of beeps for a period of time before sounding a siren?
[/quote]At the moment, anything you do with the siren while the alarm is pending will cancel the alarm so you wouldn’t be able to play a beeping sound during that time.

I could add another command like “startBeepAlarm” that uses the settings specified in the mobile app to beep for the scheduled amount of time and then turn the alarm on. I could probably also add a preference that allows you to enable that as the default functionality for the alarm.

Let me know if you think either/both of those options would be helpful or if you have any other suggestions on how to make it better.

Since you don’t have the alarm yet, I need to point out that the siren only has the ability to turn on and off. All of these other features are being done using delays so the consistency of the beep sound, duration and spacing is far from perfect due to cloud and scheduling related delays. The alarm is also really loud, but you could always do what I did, and tape something over the speaker.

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The new version fixes the button issue I described previously. Thanks for all the work on this solution. My only issue is no matter how I modify the length of the beep it never decreases. Im trying to make it sound more like a chirp (10 milliseconds) instead of the 100 millisecond beep.

Unfortunately that’s a limitation of the siren and/or ST. I just tested this and sending an on command followed by an off command without any delay still sounds like beep #1 which uses 100 milliseconds.

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Have you been able to Update it in the IDE from the repo directly? I am trying but it’s giving me an error. I am not sure if there is a way to see what the error is either. This is what I see after I click publish and execute update.

I wasn’t using the IDE integration at all which is probably why I had all of these problems to begin with. I just completed the integration and committed the first version so I think it should be all set going forward, but it ended up chaning the url again.

See the first post for the new and final url.


I’m rolling with this device handler and my new Aeon siren tonight. Setup was easy.

I went straight for this device handler, never used the stock one in SmartThings.

Works very well. Initially the timing seemed very good - I liked Beep 4 (three in succession) as an alert. After I used it for a while, I did start to notice the beeps slowing down intermittently; definitely speaks to the SmartThings timing issues.

Right now I’m using it for two purposes: single beep to let me know SHM is armed or disarmed (through Rule Machine), siren #3 as the SHM alarm.

Interested to see what other ideas you come up with. As I play with it more, I will send forward any suggestions.


(As an aside, I do wish Rule Machine could monitor whether the SHM alarm has been tripped as a trigger, not just whether it’s in Arm/Disarm state. I think the combo could be a powerful way to do a delayed siren without having to repeat all of the alarm triggers in Rule Machine.)

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I think I figured out a relatively easy way to do this. I created a virtual siren with switch functionality that I let SHM call. I then use this switch as an input to rules in Rule Machine, which allows me to set a 30 second beep before alarming (I had to do it in two rules - the example above wouldn’t cancel the delayed siren, so I had to use the delay function of the rule, not the switch).

I only wish the timing of the beeping could be better controlled. Even setting it for the shortest beeps, shortest delays, I only get about 4 beeps out in a 30 second period before the alarm sounds…