[RELEASE] Aeon Labs Aeotec Doorbell

@krlaframboise, old thread but hoping you can help, awesome DTH btw.

I’m successfully using your DTH and have it working fine when I set the doorbell track in the device settings. However, I’d like to set the doorbell track to a silent track in the device settings and instead ring a track using a webcore function so I can have the doorbell only ring during certain hours / modes.

I know webcore is triggering correctly on the button press, I also having it send a push notification. In webcore I’m using “with doorbell device”, “playRepeatTrackAtVolume” and passing it three integer values for parameters. I’m getting the doorbell to play the right track w/ parameter #1, but parameters #2 and #3 don’t seem to be applying correctly. The parameters are not adjusting the volume or repeating the track the # of times I’d expect. Any thoughts?

Is this the order that you’re putting them in?


The volume range is 1-10 so if you’re using higher numbers then that would explain why the volume isn’t working as expected.

If it sometimes repeats as expected and other times repeats more than it’s supposed to then that’s just the unreliable nature of the device…

I finally got one of these to use only for announcing things and I can’t get the local storage to show up in Windows 10. Windows sees it as a composite device with speaker and I can even scroll using the buttons on the doorbell but in This PC, it shows up as greyed out and when I try to open the drive, it says I need to insert a disk.

Has anyone else had this problem?

If you have the new Aeotec Doorbell 6 then you can’t load new sound files on it and you need to be using my other handler to play the 30 sounds that it comes with.

I have the old Gen 5 one.

I haven’t run into that problem before, but I haven’t connected it in a while so it’s possible I’ve never tried on Windows 10.

If you unplug it and plug it into a different USB port does it give you a prompt about what you’d like to do with the device? If so, choose the option that says something like view files.

There’s no prompt. I think it may be defective because I can’t get it to make any noise, either. The light flashes when sent a command but, nothing else happens.

The doorbell button communicates with the device outside of ST so are you able to get it to play a sound with that or the physical buttons on the device?

No, the light flashes but, there’s no sound.

I have added and published your excellent DTH and paired my factory reset doorbell. But, the latest smartthings app is in a constant “checking status” message for the device and I cannot use the button in the app. The doorbell is four feet away from the hub.

Is this normal behavior? Please see screenshots attached.

Thanks for this DTH, the new year encourages me to finish undone projects like adding this doorbell.:blush:

When the device is joined it should create the siren/chime device (shown in your screenshot) and a device for each button paired with the device, but the button device isn’t in your screenshots.

If the device doesn’t do anything when the physical button is pushed then it’s not paired with the device. It can’t be paired using the new mobile app because that app doesn’t support custom UIs so you’ll need to open the device in the Classic mobile app and use the pair button.

That might be unrelated to the problems you reported, but it’s something you’ll need to fix anyways…

Thanks, I want to distinguish between the wireless button(button you install typically by a door) and the action button on the doorbell.

The wireless button is paired to the doorbell, and the doorbell is paired to my hub.

After reading your post, I have removed the doorbell from my hub, factory reset the doorbell and re-paired it in the Smartthings Classic app. I confirmed that he wireless button rings the doorbell. Please see screenshot attached of the device page.

When I open the new Smartthings app, it still shows “checking status”. I just thought"checking status" would process and that message would change to “closed” or “no motion” or another status like my other sensors and motion detectors. Are my expectations incorrect?

Thanks for your reply.

I just realized this is the topic for the old Aeotec Doorbell and not the Aeotec Doorbell 6 so ignore my previous post…

Which model do you have?

I thought they discontinued the old model so I haven’t made the changes to this handler that are necessary for it to work in the new mobile app which is why it’s stuck showing “checking status”.

I have the gen5.
I believe it is no longer produced since the new one was released, got this one some time ago.

What would need to be changed in the dth for the status to be reported correctly?

What type of doorbells do you currently use?

I just did some testing in the new mobile app and with the handler as-is, you can open the device and control it as a siren, play the different sounds, and you can also see when the button is pushed because the switch turns on and the standby message changes.

The only issues I see is that the main tile is stuck on “checking status” and the button actions aren’t shown, but with the built-in smartapps in the new mobile app you can use the switch or button events to trigger automations so those button actions in the device aren’t necessary.

A simple change can be made to make those button actions appear and it also fixes the status, but you’ll lose the siren, dimmer, music, and switch functionality. You’ll still be able to use all of those things with the built-in smartapps, but you won’t be able to see any of if it when you open the device.

I use this device to play sounds based on events, but I don’t use the button and I also never use the new mobile app.

Thanks for your reply. I think it’s better to leave it as is, and get another year or two of use out of the doorbell. I appreciate you checking it out and will see your around :raised_hands:.

Out of curiosity, what would that “simple change” be? I still have a gen 5 doorbell that I use exclusively as a “chime” device to play sounds on events, controlled by a custom smartapp. And, since I use the new app, I’d be interested in making the DTH a bit more compliant. Thanks.

It’s really not possible to make a chime device compliant since the platform doesn’t support the chime capability yet.

The changes below will make the UI compliant as a button in the new mobile app, but you’ll lose the ability to control the device from the UI so I do NOT recommend making them…

If you do decide to do this then after making those changes and publishing the handler you’ll need to change a setting which will force the updated method to execute.

Add this between lines 122 and 123

import groovy.json.JsonOutput

Change line 125 to:

definition (name: "Aeotec Doorbell", namespace: "krlaframboise", author: "Kevin LaFramboise", ocfDeviceType: "x.com.st.d.remotecontroller") {

Add this to the empty line between lines 282 and 284:

if (!device.currentValue("supportedButtonValues")) {
	sendEvent(name:"supportedButtonValues", value:JsonOutput.toJson(["pushed"]), displayed:false)

The new mobile app sometimes has a really hard time refreshing the UI so to see the change you might have to re-open the app multiple times or change the device to a different handler and then back. It might actually be easier to just make these changes to a copy of the handler that has a different name and then change the type field in the IDE.