[RELEASE] Aeon Labs Aeotec Doorbell

I am trying to get this to do what I need. I had one with another DH setup so a piston would send me a Txt message when someone pressed the doorbell and it worked. Now I have swapped to this DH and, it is much nicer thank you BTW, now I cannot get it to send me notifications. Below is the basics of the piston from CoRE and a copy from my IDE. Not much shows up with you ring the doorbell so I change the piston to switch is off and Button is pressed and neither will send me a message. Nothing shows up in the App under Recently when the doorbell rings either.

Basic Piston


Send Message
blha blah blah

thank for the help

well I take it back. It jsut started working on its own and is now updating the App as well. Would not work until I pressed “Beep” in the app now it works go figure

I’m a newer ST user and just got my doorbell device added tonight. I installed the custom device handler after I paired the doorbell. I’ve read through the posts here and copied over a list of MP3 notification files to the device. I cannot figure out how to have a different MP3 file play for each of my 5 doors. In the ST mobile app, I only see the ability to assign an Alarm, Beep and Doorbell track. That’s only 3 tracks.

How do I get a different alert sound for each off my 5 doors? Thanks!!

In Smart Home Monitor, you can setup a Custom Monitor for each door and use the Audio Notification feature. Select “Custom Message” and then enter the number of the sound you want to play.

It took me quite a while to understand this as a new user to ST also. Here are screenshots of what I did:

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If you unplug the doorbell and then use a usb cable to plug it into your computer, it should show up as a drive that you can copy files to.

The track numbers get assigned based on the order that you copy the files to the device.

You can find mp3s online and there are some free text to speech websites that allow you to create custom messages.

I just posted all of my mp3s to GitHub so feel free to use them:

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Thank you for taking the time to post that. I think it will be really helpful to others.

@krlaframboise, I’ve read through the post and think I know the answer to this, but I’m going to ask to make sure. If I want to play back-to-back sounds, will I need to ensure that I introduce a suitable delay for the first to complete before playing the second? Or do audioNotification devices “queue” playTrack commands? Thanks.

Yes. Without the delay, the first track will get cut off by the second track.

I like that this device can be used with many different capabilities, but it’s causing a bit of confusion for me. I’m using it to trigger beep() and siren() sounds for various events I’m monitoring. And I also call on() to ring the doorbell if I’ve detected a door knock. I’d like to be able to send a push notification when the doorbell button is pressed in case I’m out in the yard or something. Currently, I’m treating it as a “button” capability for this, and subscribing to “button”. I can filter out when I intentionally call on() so that I’m not detecting that as a doorbell press, but I’m occasionally getting button events from beep() as well. Is there a good way to determine if the physical button was pressed and ignore anything programmatic? Thanks.

Most users that have reported this as a common problem were not paired securely.

If the bottom right tile says “unsecure”, you might want to remove the device and try to get it to pair securely. To pair it securely, the device needs to be close to the hub and you have to tap the action button twice during the pairing process.

If you’re already paired securely, which version of the hub are you on and how often are you experiencing this problem?

If you play multiple overlapping sounds it can get confused and think the button was pushed, but besides that, it’s been really reliable for me.

I do not have a bottom right tile on my device dashboard (using v1.11). The tile next to battery is empty. I did check the logs, though, and it reported “Secure Commands Disabled”. So I will attempt to re-pair it securely this evening. I am using “back-to-back” sounds–one for a beep or alarm, then another for a TTS message–but I use a runIn() to allow for a suitable delay for the beep/alarm to finish. One variable at a time, though. I’ll try the secure pairing first. Thanks.

EDIT: I see that you released a 1.12. Upgraded to it and my bottom-right tile does, in face, say “unsecure”.

When the device is paired unsecure, it ignores one of the configuration settings which prevents the device handler from cleanly blocking the button while playing other tracks.

The work around to fix that problem uses delays so if you’re unable to get the device to pair securely, you’re going to have to wait at least 3 seconds from the time the first track stops before starting the next track or you’ll continue running into this problem.

Man, this device is finicky to get paired securely. I must have tried 15 times and it keeps coming up with the status tile reading “unsecure”. I’m trying with the doorbell within 10’ of the hub. Any secret tips?

After tapping “Add Device” in the mobile app wait 1-2 seconds and then tap the action button twice. It might take 10-15 seconds for it to display that it found the device.

If you have any non-secure repeaters within 10’ of the hub you might want to unplug them while trying to pair this device.

Performing a factory reset on the device might also help, but unfortunately some users have been unable to get it to pair securely.

This may be a secure/unsecure side-effect too, but I thought I’d ask. I’m attempting to use playTrackAtVolume to play my TTS tracks at a different volume than the doorbell/beep/alarm. With my device volume set at 5, and a playTrackAtVolume using 8, I see the following in the logs:

1fad9255-7729-4367-a256-aebf02a9662c  3:06:56 PM: debug Doorbell is off
1fad9255-7729-4367-a256-aebf02a9662c  3:06:53 PM: debug Device Notification Type: 2
1fad9255-7729-4367-a256-aebf02a9662c  3:06:52 PM: debug Device Notification Type: 1
1fad9255-7729-4367-a256-aebf02a9662c  3:06:51 PM: debug Doorbell is off
1fad9255-7729-4367-a256-aebf02a9662c  3:06:49 PM: debug Temporarily changing volume to 8
1fad9255-7729-4367-a256-aebf02a9662c  3:06:49 PM: debug Playing Track 14
1fad9255-7729-4367-a256-aebf02a9662c  3:06:49 PM: debug Device Notification Type: 2
1fad9255-7729-4367-a256-aebf02a9662c  3:06:48 PM: debug Device Notification Type: 1
1fad9255-7729-4367-a256-aebf02a9662c  3:06:47 PM: debug Playing Beep Track

Walking though the code, I see that “Temporarily changing volume to 8” is because the current volume is not 8. After “Doorbell is off” I would have expected to see “Restoring volume to 5”, but I never see that. And if I go into the device control panel and press Refresh, the device volume is updated as 8.

So, is this an unsecure connection thing, or an actual bug? Thanks.

I had previously mentioned that you have to wait at least 3 seconds from the time that the first track stops playing before starting the next track, but your live logging data shows that you’re starting the second track 2 seconds after the first one starts which is why it’s not working.

I disabled secure commands on mine for an apples to apples comparison and the beep track I’m playing is 0.75 seconds long. As you can see from the live logging data below, it takes 6 seconds to complete so you need to wait at least that long before starting the second track.

92324bfc-2a6e-4212-a45a-e91acedfd182 8:51:53 PM: debug Restoring volume to 2
92324bfc-2a6e-4212-a45a-e91acedfd182 8:51:53 PM: debug Living Room Doorbell is off
92324bfc-2a6e-4212-a45a-e91acedfd182 8:51:51 PM: debug Device Notification Type: 2
92324bfc-2a6e-4212-a45a-e91acedfd182 8:51:50 PM: debug Device Notification Type: 1
92324bfc-2a6e-4212-a45a-e91acedfd182 8:51:47 PM: debug Temporarily changing volume to 10
92324bfc-2a6e-4212-a45a-e91acedfd182 8:51:47 PM: debug Playing Beep Track 

This is one of the slowest devices I’ve worked with, but if you change the volume or repeat setting while playing the track, the device handler adds a 2 second delay to prevent part of the sound from playing at the old volume because the device doesn’t change its settings instantly.

There’s also an additional 450 millisecond delay because you’re not paired securely.

The device sends the same message to SmartThings when it’s first plugged in, the physical button is pressed and when you play a track so there’s no way to programmatically determine what caused the device to turn on.

To get around that problem, I disable the notification before playing a track and then turn the notification back on afterwards. When you overlap the tracks the first track can turn the notification back on while the second track is starting which causes it to think that the button was pushed.

Edit: If you open the device in the mobile app and go to the “Recently” tab do you see an “off” command after every beep command? If not, the volume not restoring may be a bug that only affects devices that aren’t paired securely and I can most likely fix it.

Yes, I recall now what you said about playing multiple tracks; I just hadn’t fully understood the timing of it all completely. Or, more accurately, the slowness of it all. I will have to re-think what I’m hoping to do with this device and align it better with what it can actually do. I’ve removed the volume change and now playback is “smoother”. I really wanted to separate the “beep” from the spoken message in case I wanted to change out the beep sound (the family has already voiced that they don’t like the one I chose). But I may wind up baking it into the beginning of each spoken message so I’m only playing one track at a time.

Plus, I’ve tried so many times with so many factory resets to get this device to pair securely, but with no luck. I’m just starting out, so the only other devices I have are SmartThings sensors, which are all ZigBee. No other Z-Wave devices to interfere. Oh, well…perhaps I’ll contact Aeotec support. Thanks again for your help.

EDIT: You asked about the “Recently” tab. For each event (e.g., a door being opened), I see an entry for my app (“Home Automation”) with no details, a “Doorbell” entry stating “Doorbell status is beep”, another entry for my app (presumably when I start playing the TTS track), a “Doorbell” entry stating “Doorbell status is play”, and then a “Doorbell” entry stating “Doorbell is off”. I’m guessing I only see one “off” because I’m not waiting long enough between tracks. If I just force a beep from the device dashboard, I do see an “off” entry immediately following the “beep” entry.

If you look in the mp3s folder of my Resouces GitHub reposity you’ll see how I prefix all my audio messages. I use a soft tone for messages like washer finished and a loud one that can wake me up for all my security related messages.

Just to rule out my device handler, can you remove the device, remove the device handler, and see if you can get it to pair securely? Once it’s paired, you can install the device handler, change the device to it in the IDE and then update the device settings from the mobile app to see if it says it’s paired securely?

I need someone on v2 of the Hub, that’s paired securely, and not part of the beta program to open live logging, open the device in the mobile app, tap the beep button and let me know if a debug message for “ringing doorbell” is displayed. Thank you.