[RELEASE] ActionTiles, the homepage for your SmartThings home!

Any reason there are this error?


This particular NumberFormatException error can be ignored as it has no effect on anything. It will be removed in the next release.

Please contact ActionTiles support with your location details regarding the Hub Error in red.

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Do I need any smartapp or dh to use this or just authenticate and allow ?

Bcoz I allowed all my devices but can’t seem to find them when I wanna make the panels

Yes, there is a smart app you need to install to connect ST to ActionTiles. Its been such a long time since I installed mine so I think all you need to do is open the app, go to Smartapps, + and select from the list.

Better answer below.

The SmartApp is automatically installed when you add your SmartThings Location to ActionTiles.

Please contact support@ActionTiles.com and include more information about the missing devices.