[RELEASE] ActionTiles, the homepage for your SmartThings home!

@tgauchat, down again for me.

Works for me? Maybe there was a momentary blip?

Was out for at least 5 mins for me but is back now, thanks.

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There are no helpful details, but the same cloud component provider has officially reported that a short “connectivity” outage occurred from about 1235h to 1237h PT.

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I’m using a Monoprice Shock Sensor for doorbell notifications. Works well. Earlier today, I changed my DTH from one that called it a contact sensor to one from @RBoy that more accurately, I think, calls it a Shock Sensor. Anyway, it also works great but ActionTiles only shows the battery capability now and my tile that used to show the contact, now shows a ‘?’. I looked to see if there was another attribute (Capability?) to use but there are none.

So, my question is this: Does ActionTiles currently support Shock Sensors?


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FYI: We have this reference in our Knowledge Base (FAQ) that is partially relevant here: http://support.actiontiles.com/topics/1038-question-mark-shown-on-virtual-switch-or-other-connected-thing-tile/

Login to your SmartThings IDE API webpage, check under “My Devices”, open the detail page for the Thing, and check this section, "Current States:

What values are show there please?

I’ll presume it has a value for Attribute “shock”.

Capability “Shock Sensor” is relatively new, and ActionTiles does not yet support it.

Timely, though, we are about to publish a poll to ask which of the official Capabilities we should add to ActionTiles next :smile:! (I will update this post with the link to the poll.)

In the meantime, you could modify the DTH to also claim another Capability like “Contact” or “Motion” and concurrently update the associated Attribute, or use a Universal Device Type Translator SmartApp:

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There are two: ‘battery’ and ‘shock’

I look forward to hearing about any progress. Thanks!


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IMHO: I think it would be amazing to match the color scheme; it would blend AT and Nest E side-by-side beautifully!


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Please share, share, share this post on your social media channels or to real-live friends and family. You’re helping them with a savings opportunity, and you’re helping make ActionTiles better and better. Thank-you!

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Well I signed up and I have to say, ActionTiles is simply brilliant - another superb extension of the SmartThings universe. I now have great easy to use (but simple so far) “Lighting” and “Security” panels on a touch screen in our hallway. Even my wife was vaguely impressed and how useful that is! Many thanks.


“vaguely impressed”… I’m sure that’s a big compliment relatively speaking :smile:.

Thanks for your support and for your effort making useful Panels with our tool!

Share the love and help ActionTiles be enjoyed by more folks by adding a few stars and endorsement on our Facebook “Reviews” page, if you get a chance, thanks!

Believe me when I says that “vaguely impressed” was indeed a big compliment compared to my wife’s views of some of my earlier home automation efforts! If you could just find your way to adding a “Walk the :dog2:” tile, the accolades would be endless.

I shall indeed share the love and all being well, a few of my neighbours will adopt the system too in due course. Just need to get my old alarm system sensors and central heating system connected to ST now…

Thanks again, cool system, great community.


If your old alarm sensor are hardwired, @heythisisnate has put together quite a nice bridge solution…

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Thanks for the heads up and I did indeed look at the Konnected 2.0 system, which is clearly an impressive off the shelf solution which would have worked. In the end though I decided to deploy the ST Anything SmartApp and DH, mainly so I could learn about this new chip and Arduino and also as I can connect c. 20 sensors to a single ESP32 (though multiple Konnected units would have worked too). I have this running now on a bench with dummy sensors (switches on a breadboard) but still need to wire this up to my real sensors and then to ActionTiles.

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Hey :blush: just dropping into this form, to join the convo. Hope to be able to help/chat and hey Terry!

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Hey and welcome, Brandon!

Thanks for producing this awesome dive-in video of ActionTiles on your YouTube Channel!


My pleasure! This is a necessity to live! glad to help spread the word. :blush:


This is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much, Brandon!

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Thank you! and no problem.:blue_heart: