[RELEASE] ActionTiles, the homepage for your SmartThings home!

In this case, a much prettier user interface than the standard offering :grinning:

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Well, the Shortcut dialog says “enter absolute URL”. There are numerous protocols and intents that we can’t account for.

I’m glad you have figured it out!

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That would require reading :rofl:

We gave you too much credit @arnb and made the assumption that you put the full url in since it was posted in it’s entirety in the thread :grin:

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True enough, when entering a new shortcut it says “Absolute URL”, but I was totally confused when the ActionTiles page showed up in the window.

I would find it helpul if there was an edit on the data entered that gave a warning or error when the protocol:// (or perhaps also “intent:”) was not coded at the beginning of the URL. No need to verify the protocol, except perhaps for embedded spaces or special characters. Another option would be to go with http:// when no protocol or intent is coded. I realize it is a pain coding, editing, and documenting for the “Lowest Common Denominator” but in my opinion it reduces requests for assistance.

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I probably tried 20 or more URLs and intents yesterday. It is my general habit to try something until I give up and read the manual. Sort of missed that absolute warning.

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The OP of that thread, Alex Bergman, added some information, and I’m now able to directly open Ring from AT in the Fully Browser.

The change: “For Fully Browser, swipe to open the side panel, select Settings>Web Content Settings and enable both “Enable Popups (Plus)” and “Open URL Schemes in Other Apps”


Were you able to figure out how to assign a shortcut that opens the SmartThings app directly?

If you’re using the fully browser try setting up the application launch page unfortunately you may not be able to set up apps on a Kindle Fire

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There appears to be an icon missing for the default on a valve …

Chrome browser on a Mac.

Thanks for reporting! This will be fixed in the upcoming release in the next couple of days.


@tgauchat Terry, I’m missing some info from Contact Sensors also. I followed instructions from the “some things are missing from smartthings” thread, and added <capability “Actuator”> and <capability “Switch”>. All other capabilities were already in the DTC code. I’m getting a RED tile in Actiontiles (which is a ‘warning’ on Sballoz HV) and no battery reading shows.
Device: Quirky/WInk Tripper.
DTH: Quirky/Wink Tripper ; mitchpond.
Any other ideas?
Thanks so much

Please use the SmartThings IDE to look at the “Current States” (i.e., Attribute Values) section of the Device instance Details.

This is explained in a bit more detail here: http://support.actiontiles.com/forums/8-actiontiles-knowledge-base/topics/1038-question-mark-shown-on-virtual-switch-or-other-connected-thing-tile/

In other words… ActionTiles can only process valid values that are sent from SmartThings. Looking in the IDE, per above, is a starting point to diagnose what Attribute Values are set, and then we can move on and discuss if those values are valid - or not.

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I see…
In Current States I only have:
Contact: Closed
Tamper: Clear

So no value for Battery … therefore you can’t see a Battery level in ActionTiles.

I have no explanation for that. What Value is the Tile and what Style for Intentions do you have?

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I don’t understand ‘style for intentions’. :confused:
I just posted question about exposing battery to Mitch Pond (author of DTH) and Tom Wackford (helped Mitch and discussed battery with him previously). Hope they can help.

When you add a Thing to your Panel in AT, and then goto Tile Settings (Edit) for that Tile, scroll to the bottom and you will see Tile Intention for On and Off States. This plays a role in how the Tiles are rendered on your panel in addition to the Panel Style / Theme.

It goes a lot further to see a visual along with what you are explaining, and knowing the Panel Style / Theme and Tile Intention settings for that Tile.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you are describing about the Tile being Red when viewing the Panel?

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Thanks for your help… Sballoz High Vis

Tile Intentions: If I’m looking in the right place, there aren’t any… I’m in Panel Builder and I clicked the 3 vertical dots for one of the tiles that the problem relates to, and clicked Tile Settings. All it gives is the dimensions. Am I in the wrong place?

For nearly a week now, I haven’t had to select ‘Reload’ on ActionTiles to periodically kick my Wink Relay browser back into normal operation (I’ve had to do this frequently for the last few months, as the tiles would stop updating and activating a tile would result in ‘Response to XXX has been delayed’ appearing on the screen with no resulting action). A buddy with a similar setup in a different city has had the same good experience. Has something changed on the back end, or is it just random good luck?

Please open a ticket with AT support and provide the Panel ID/URL.

We tune and optimize the app all the time. I’m not sure what in particular caused better performance on the Relay.