[RELEASE] Absolute Simplest ESP8266 Smart Blinds, no mqtt, rest, bridge, or broker, just your board and your hub


(Justin Wurth) #21

I would probably be open to this, but I would have to look at parts and cost before giving you a number. Are you looking to have a Particle Photon setup or a NodeMCU setup?

(Eric M) #22

Very nice project! Sorry for the ignorance, I am very familiar with the esp8266, but not so much on the Servo. From the link you shared, how do I determine which unit is right for my blinds? Also, power in is just 5v? Thanks for the work on this!


Any standard digital servo should work, just ensure its a digital one. For example the exact model I used can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01CDJRA58/
And yes it’s 5 volts, I actually just power the servo and the NodeMCU with the same USB cord and a 1 amp USB wall adaptor.

(Alex) #24

A Particle might be better for IFTTT integration. I tried to build a blinds controller, but then I got got busy and now I realized that it’s been over 6 months and I haven’t figured out the servo to shaft coupling. So, I’m looking for more of a plug-and-play solution.


Would these servo shaft couplers mentioned above fit your blinds/scenario @625alex ?

(Greg) #27

Is there a how to guide anywhere in terms of step by step to getting started?

Seems like a cheap option to doing this, but not sure what’s needed on the electronics front


I just went to Amazon and got:
NodeMCU: http://amzn.to/29Sm75V
Servo: http://amzn.to/29tOmcW
Coupler: http://amzn.to/29BHEB0
All three for less than $30!

Then I rounded up a random micro USB cable and a wall charger (aren’t these all over everyone’s houses?)
Load the code from the github and away you go!

(Greg) #29

Ah OK, wasn’t sure if you had to use an Arduino or similar.
Will take a look to see what I can find, UK has a limited stock!


Well if you already have an arduino on hand that you’re looking to re-purpose then I’d use that.
But if not I’d deffinately buy the NodeMCU instead of an arduino, it’s a fraction of the price (some on ebay are under $4!), runs arduino code, and has a built in wifi chip that you usually have to add onto an arduino!

(Alex) #31

My blinds have square shaft. I tried a couple of couplers, but they were not compatible with servo’s spline. Every time I order a part it adds another 4 week delay. That’s why I’m looking for a kit.

Some of these items are not shipping to Canada…

(Benji) #32

You are a legend among the people…

I had an idea to take the ZigBee module from the Cree Connected bulbs but you’d need some sort of translator (probably Arduino anyway) to go from the PWM output of the ZigBee module to the servo.

Your way is much simpler, cleaner and cheaper. Now all I need to do is find a battery and solar power charging solution to power it instead.

(Greg) #33

Would this work?

(Benji) #34

I’m thinking something like this would absolutely be overkill and probably keep it running forever:

Doesn’t bump up the cost much either, you’re all in for what? ~$50 per window? That’s a freaking steal.

(Greg) #35

Wouldn’t a solar panel -> Micro USB work?


Would this work?
Diymall NodeMCU Devkit 1.0 CP2102 IIC SPI for Apple’s MAC OS

Oh yea, exact same board!

(Greg) #37

I assuming thats not sarcasm? :confounded:


@Benji @ghesp I’m actually VERY interested in a solar solution, but haven’t yet dove into it…
But if anyone gets it going I would love to hear of the results, parts used, energy usage, etc…

(Benji) #39

Potentially… when there is sunlight :slight_smile:

This is cheaper still and probably more appropriate:


Yea, looks like they’re trying to keyword stuff the title with IIC SPI MAC OS blah blah blah, but that’s exactly the board I used!

(Greg) #41

That’s more like it. I was looking for a solar panel plus a rechargeable battery