Relays: Dual and/or zwave plus, any that do NOT need a custom device handler?

(DavidK) #1


For single relays, classic zwave I have a couple that are using the built in device handler “Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch” which is built in.

Are there any zwave plus relays that this or similar built-in device type would work with?

In general, are there any builtin device handlers for any of the dual relays?

Use Case: I have 2 garage doors, only one of which is automated. I automated the first garage door 2 years ago.

I am thinking of automating the second door and am thinking about whether I just buy a second relay, or buy a dual relay for both doors and use the single relay somewhere else in the house.

Thanks in advance

(Mark) #2

Pretty sure the answer is no, if you actually want to use both relays.

(Robin) #3

As a general rule, ST has never officially supported dual channel devices without users having to use custom code.

Things are slowly changing though with the new Child Device feature: