Relay Stopped working after increasing circuit load

It has been a while since posting. My ST has been working flawlessly. I have a relay to switch two outdoor lamps and a pole lamp. THey all have 3 25 watt candlelabra bulbs.Working great for several years scheduled to run all night and off during the day. Powered through a 15amp DEDICAted BREAKER. I added an outlet to the lamp and now share the relay with 10 100bulb sets of Christmas lights and 2 flood lights. It all stopped working after several days of running. Breaker did not trip. I think the relay is rated at 10 amps. Did I just overload it or coincidence of failure? I may replace with 2 relays to break up the load.

A couple ideas:

I have added 10 amp push button breakers to some of my circuits with 10 amp relays.

T Tocas 5pcs Push Button Reset 5A 10A 15A 20A 30A Circuit Breakers with Quick Connect Terminals and Waterproof Button Cap

Or Tuya and Shelly both make 15 amp relays.

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Sounds like you overloaded it. :thinking: What’s the brand and model of the relay?

As @Paul_Oliver suggested, I would just switch to a model spec’d to match the draw. This is particularly important for an outlet, which US code in almost all jurisdictions will require to handle 15A. But the floodlights can be an issue, too, particularly for inrush current when they are turned on.

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Intertek 1705V511

Are you wiring these in line at the outlet box? I have never used these before.


I install the line side of the relay. But you could put them anywhere prior to the load.