Reinventing wheels - where to start?

I’m about to have a go at jumping in the deep end and trying a bit of coding.

The trouble is, where to start? I don’t want to reinvent wheels, but there’s so much stuff out there already that finding the right thing - or even something to adapt - is a challenge. I’ve found bits and pieces for each of my potential projects, but nothing I’d call concrete as yet.

The ideas I’ve got so far are:

  • Controlling a Marantz audio system. Looks like it takes control commands as raw telnet rather than a proper API, so that might be difficult if ST only supports http to the LAN.

  • Controlling my Zoneminder system - specifically setting it to motion detection only when I’m away, to reduce false positives, but also reacting to events.

  • Logging temperature readings to give me charts of temperature changes. Preferably without using other cloud services - I have a home “server” running the zoneminder system, so could set up web APIs and a database on that.

Love to hear your thoughts - too ambitious for a newbie (albeit an experienced programmer)? All been done already? Any interest in the results if I do get any done?

Why bother with SmartThings then, if you don’t mind me asking? You could do that with a Z-Wave stick connected to your server and some open-source software. :smile:

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Good question.

I guess I’m trying to get a balance between the ease of out of the box use and the customisation I want. I hadn’t actually considered a Z-Wave stick, but at this stage I’d need to support Z-Wave and Zigbee (as well as LAN, but that’s the easy bit for DIY). It’s a steep learning curve and now I’m getting the devices it might be something to consider for the future. OpenHAB looks promising, but the big challenge seems like it would be on the hardware side talking to the devices.

I probably didn’t do enough research into the programming side of ST before I jumped. I hadn’t realised it was so… well, awkward seems to be the best word. A simple API into the data over the LAN would be ideal. I’ve seen how simple the Phiilips Hue API is from their bridge…

So no, don’t mind you asking! The honest answer is maybe I jumped too soon - but on the plus side it’s an introduction to the world of home automation and in the medium term I maybe see the ST system as merely the controller for the radio devices, with the logic being held elsewhere.