Regretting SmartThings

Just got my V3 hub and i’m regretging changing from Wink because nothing i have is supported.

Chamberlain MyQ garage door
GE Ljnk light bulbs
Nest Protect


The beauty of SmartThings is you can make all those devices work if you search this very forum. The GE links are pretty crappy, but they should work out of the box.


there is an app…


there is an app…


Thank you. You’ve given me hope!

Thank hou. I see i have some learning to do

This is a bit more complicated than i thought

Not to be too big of a butt… but… you didn’t research this before you made the purchase?


Start here


Read a few reviews and smartthings seemed to get more nods than Wink and the new sensors sold me.

Gotcha. What sensors do you have that are not working with ST?

Regardless of the depth of your prior research, you made a good decision to switch from Wink to SmartThings - the community of support here is vastly superior and the scope of supported devices is much broader. I suspect there isn’t anything that works with Wink that you can’t get working with ST. You also have the backing of one of the world’s largest smartphone makers behind this app so you know it isn’t going anywhere. Finally, there are some awesome 3rd party add-ons that will make you fall in love with it. The learning curve can be a bit steep but hang in there and just ask here for help - lots of really great people here willing to support.


The GE Links will work out of the box. You may need to reset the bulb before ST will detect it.

They do work out of the box… but there is and always has been a problem with those bulbs on the ST platform… they are just plain twitchy

Yep. Additionally, they are no longer manufactured. From the OP’s standpoint, however, the bulbs should at least get detected.

The best feature of SmartThings is easily this community. You’ll find the help you need in here a million times faster and easier than you will trying to get “support” from Samsung.


All I can recommend is Search for Community Installer

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The “Rabbit Hole” runs deep. You should regret your purchase because from this day forward…you will be spending and spending and spending. Not because you have to in order for ST to run correctly but because you can connect soooooooooooooo many “Things”.

You will see something and be like, I wish that I could get that to work with ST and then come here and search and BAM!,…someone has made a custom app and/or device type handler (DTH) to make it work. This is the beauty of this platform. What doesn’t work on other platforms, you can make work here.

Good Luck!