Registering multiple devices at once

I just moved tot a new house and we are doing some remodeling. The electricians are starting soon and I have about 15 GE Zwave switches they will be installing. In my past house I added switches one at a time and then would connect register them with Smartthings. This situation will result in several coming on at once. Will this be a problem? Or when I search to discover devices will they all just come up and I can register them one at a time?

IIRC, in order to pair a GE Z-Wave switch, you typically have to press the “on” button while the hub is in pairing mode. So, you should not have them all trying to pair at the same time. Pair a few switches that are closest to your ST Hub. Let things settle down for a while. Then pair the next set of closest switches… repeat as necessary. You might want to also perform a Z-Wave repair every once in a while during the pairing process…just be sure to let things settle. Take your time and don’t rush it. Good luck!