Refresh device status

Having a few issues recently.

  1. Is there any way to refresh the current status of a device? For instance, I am using mine and my wife’s iphones as presence sensors. My wife left this morning, yet it still says she is present. How do I fix that other than having her physically come home and leaving again, or deleting and re-adding the device?

  2. Often times a motion sensor will say it’s detecting motion in the “Damage and Danger” section, and will show orange, however when I go to the sensor itself and click “Activity” it’ll show “such and such motion has stopped”, but the dashboard doesn’t reflect that.

  3. On a little bit of a separate topic, the time seems to be off after the daylight savings time switch. I looked at other posts and others seem to say there’s is fine now, but just this morning it still didn’t work right. I have it set to “Switch to Home” at 6am, and in my activity log it says “Perform Switch to Home” for you at 6:00am as requested, however this happened at 7:50am.

I think these issues are still going on after the upgrade. But to be sure contact support.