Reducing Repetitive Routines

To Whom It May Concern:

At present I have 10 routines that could be consolidated into a single routine with two small changes to the SmartThings iOS application.

The first change would be to allow for dynamic identification of the device for which settings should be changed. By this I mean I have five identical GE/Jasco Motion Sensing Switches that have the same behavior in response to a physical toggle down push, namely to disable motion sensing on the particular device that was toggled down. The trigger for such a routine would be the toggle down press on any of the five devices, and the action would be a setting change on the particular device that triggered the routine.

The second change would be to allow more than a single action on the same setting. For the same use case outlined above, after the motion sensing is disabled I have a separate routine with the identical trigger that reactivates motion sensing after a 10 second time delay. I have to have a separate routine because at preset routines don’t allow you to select the same attribute of a single device multiple times within a routine.

It would be nice to see Samsung make these changes to the iOS application.

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