Red LED indicator (battery or mains)

Looking for something that can be used as an indicator in the hallway to show when the home alarm is armed. I’d be ok with either battery (so long as battery life is pretty reasonable) or mains powered as I have an outlet that I can use. Before I tried to configure a z-wave plug with red LED night light, I wanted to see if there is something better that can be used. Thanks!

This is a good question, and one that is frequently asked. See the following thread for many different possible options depending on your exact use case. It starts out discussing a DIY project, and then covers a number of different off the shelf options. :sunglasses:

Status Indicator Light

They’re mentioned in the thread that @JDRoberts linked, but if you have a switch in the hallway that you could use for this purpose then I’ve had good results with Inovelli switches. The LED indicator has multiple color and flash options, and the Groovy DTH sets up the indicator light as a separate device that makes it easy to include in automations. Zooz also has switches with an indicator but I don’t have personal experience with them.


RGB light bulb or strip.