Recording Linksys WVC200 Cameras to Hikvision Wifi NVR?

Dear All,

I have quite a few Linksys WVC200 Cameras which are quite old models, but are very robust and still work fine. I had recently bought a Hikvision Wifi NVR DS-7108NI-E1/V/W/1T, for linking my Linksys WVC200 cameras to this Hikvision Wifi NVR. Could anyone of you help me and let me know, how will be able to view & record these cameras to this NVR.

Is there any one having similar linksys cameras? How do you manage to record them?

Or if there is any cheap NVR(preferable Wifi, if not then Wired) which I will be to use with these cameras, as not to make these cameras redundant?

Thanks & Regards