Reconnecting Iris

(Michael Thomas) #1

I have the following:

Hue bridge, three flood bulbs, one led strip, one iris, one standard bulb.

I added them in that order. When installing the standard bulb, I realized the iris wasn’t on. I have tried everything, but cannot get it to reconnect.

I have cycled the bridge, attempted to delete the light (but there’s not option for that?), searches for bulb again on auto, searched for bulb manually via SN. Nothing.

I have only had the iris for about a week.


(Todd Whitehead) #2

What is the iris?


(Patrick Musselman) #3

I think he is referring to the Iris Smart Home System by Lowes.

(Josh) #4

I think he means the Iris Friends of Hue:
Friends of Hue Iris