Recommends for Smarthings compatible simple plug and play Thermostat?


I have the Smarthings hub and Smartcam and 2 other sensors

Looking for a simple, inexpensive thermostat that works via the Smarthings hub

I understand the Honeywell 6000,8000,9000 series are Wi-Fi but they use their own app
I may have to go that route but looking for recommends first

I simply want to know what the temp is and to be able to switch my heat pump
into heat or cool mode as needed

if the switching can be automated based on temp that would be great
but I suspect it has to be done manually ?

I am not into programming so I want something that is plug-n-play


CT100 is what I’ve got. It’s inexpensive, but it’s just a connected thermostat (more work on your part). You have to do all the programming in ST. There’s nothing in the thermostat itself that will do anything. I use webCoRE to automate it all. Works wonderfully for me once I got the programming set up. I’ve thought a few times about switching to a WiFi thermostat, but I’ve never really found a reason to.

Edit: Missed the not into programming, so this one probably isn’t for you. Sorry.


You are just looking for direct connection to SmartThings? Is a C wire available? UK or US? What is your current thermostat?

I have the Nest v3. Check with your power provider if they offer a rebate. Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri both do. Mine was a check, not a credit on my bill. The Nest v3 sells for about $249.00 so with the rebate you have a quality thermostat backed by Google. Or, you could get the newest Nest, the E. This sells for about $119.00

I see Missouri has a $50.00 rebate

Illinois has a $100.00 rebate.

Your profile doesn’t show where you live, but if you are served by Ameren, you are eligible for the rebate. Perhaps other power companies offer rebates as well.

On a side note, I am friends with a HVAC contractor. He told me not to get too excited about Ameren giving me money. He said I have been contributing to this for years. This is my money I am getting back.

The reason Ameren is offering the rebate is to satisfy the government which wants electricity demands reduced.

I am very happy with my Nest v3 and recommend it.

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Was your Nest plug and play (Auto discovered / added to SmartThings - nothing else needed)? :slight_smile:

These are the official Works with SmartThings Thermostats.

There are a ton of other Thermostats that will integrate and work great with SmartThings, but most will require some sort custom Device Handler/SmartApp etc…

The WWST devices usually all come with their own Device Type Handlers and can be Auto discovered or added from the Marketplace with some simplicity.

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Is anything in ST plug and play? LOL


Costco has the Ecobee 3 on sale for 179.99. And it includes 3 room sensors. It’s as plug and play as you can get for a connected thermostat.

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$144 ecobee only on amazon

I have a Honeywell rth6680. Yes it uses it’s own app, but I never use it. I use smartthings to change the temperature and heating/cooling modes.

I don’t seem to remember having any issues setting it up but there is nothing on SmartThings for the Nest.

The Nest has a separate app.

I apologize for skipping over this important line

Looking for a simple, inexpensive thermostat that works via the Smarthings hub