Recommendations for this particular undercounter lighting setup?

I know there’s tons of posts about it, but I’m having a hard time deciding what would be the best solution for my application.
I want to install three undercounter strip lights (two 24" strips at each side of the hood and one 12" o the other side of the kitchen).
I want all three to turn on at the same time when I walk in (motion sensor) and depending on the time of day they will need to be turn on at a different dim level (dimable).
I could tap into the existing counter outlets on each side of the kitchen and add two zwave dimmers, then install inside the cabinets a regular switch-outlet and hook up regular strip lights.
Or I could find some type of strip-light that works with smart things, then I would just need to install regular outlets inside the cabinets… but which strip lights??

FAKE EDIT- as I’m walking in the kitchen, I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to add a zwave switch on one of the two sides of the kitchen. I think it would be best to add discrete switches under the upper cabinets.

Thanks for the feed back

I’ve been working with a product made by RGBgenie. Its a little pricey ($60?) but its a RGBW Z-Wave controller that works with any cheap analog RGB/RGBW strip ($15?) and power supply between 12 and 36 volts ($15). My plan is to use RGB/RGBW extensions and connectors to get between my cabinets and put a little strip under each one.

Thanks for the tip. I cant connect one side of kitchen (concrete ceiling with no dropped soffit).
So I would need two controllers.

I imagine this cheap wifi controller would not work:

Nexlux WiFi Wireless LED Smart Controller Alexa Google Home IFTTT Compatible,Working with Android,iOS System,RGBW Strip Lights DC 12V 24V(No Power Adapter Included)

That would work but not sure how well you’d integrate it into SmartThings, especially the delay between motion sensor and the lights coming on. Can you run a tiny piece of wire molding along the ceiling to hid a wire from side to side? At least you can get it down to one controller then.

Did you checked this option?
Seems to also work ok

Really? I don’t trust any developer that can’t accurately post code into the ST forum. Did you see how many people had problems getting the DTH to work? I’d avoid that one.