Recommendations for Remote HA System

My mother in law is buying a place in Florida as a vacation home and she wants me to assist with setting up home security/automation for the locks, most specifically with managing lock codes.(for letting guests/cleaning service in). I told her I wouldn’t recommend Smartthings due to the unreliability and not being present to troubleshoot issues.

She has the option of going with ADT Pulse through her development (I believe it’s outsourced from Hotlink Fision), but it appears their service only allows remote locking/unlocking and not code management. Same with Nexia and Wink. I know Vera might be an option, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it and I want something that is polished and supported so she can call with problems, etc.

Anyone else have any recommendations for this use case? I told her that any of these locks can have codes programmed manually/locally and you can get notifications but she prefers to have the code management piece, which I am having trouble finding for her.

Smartthings using the smart app Lock Code Manager can do this. It is what I use to manage user codes.

Yes, I use it too. I don’t think Smartthings is reliable enough for a vacation home.

Oh sorry. Then I also use staples connect. If you use a kwikset lock you can easily do what you are looking to accomplish. I have had zero failures in 6 months.