Recommendation on triggering a command

I have a Schlage door open/close sensor, an external outlet, and a ZFM-80 relay all working together for a garage door solution. The garage opener itself is plugged into the external outlet, and I switch off power to the opener in certain situations (at night and when no one is home) so that someone with a code scanner can’t open it (it’s an older Craftsman opener that doesn’t do rolling codes).

The problem I have is that when power is restored to the garage opener it only responds to the second open/close command, and that’s only after being turned on for ~10 seconds. So it seems there are a few potential solutions to this and I’d like the community’s recommendation on which to take:

  • Create a new device type for the external outlet and modify it to send an “open” command to the ZFM ~10 seconds after power is switched to “on.” Presumably subsequent open/close commands would work as expected. The downside of this is that I don’t know how to send a command to Device B within the code of Device A (or whether it’s even possible).
  • Create an app that sends an “open” command ~10 seconds after the external switch is turned on.
  • Use IFTTT to send the “open” command after the external switch is turned on. However, I haven’t noticed an option for time delays in IFTTT so this probably won’t work.

I think the first one would be the most seamless if it’s possible. What are your recommendations? For reference, I’m a copy/paste/modify kind of coder so I’m comfortable manipulating existing code but not good at writing something like a new app from scratch.