Recommendation for a $100 outdoor camera?

Desired specs:

  • around $100
  • z-wave connection to ST
  • motion sensor can see through glass 80 feet away and can be limited in range if detects further away
  • 120 + degree of filming and motion detection
  • night vision that works and 1080P (useable quality image)
  • autofocus on moving subject
  • SD card slot for local recording + cloud recording
  • past recording remotely accessible
  • no fee whatsoever
  • possibility to record on various cloud accounts like Box, G Drive, OneDrive etc

Doesn’t exist for your spec list.

Zwave is designed for tiny low energy messages sent over a mesh network which means no guaranteed sequencing. Completely inappropriate for video or audio streaming. There are no Zwave cameras. Video requires high energy big messages in a forced sequence.

There are some cameras on the official compatibility list, but they all use WiFi (which is excellent for high power large messages in a specific sequence).

Also, most motion sensors in the residential price range can’t detect through glass because they use IR detection.


There are video analysis systems that can detect through glass but they are very expensive and typically require multiple cameras and a computer to analyze the results. You do see them in some commercial high-security installations, but I’ve never seen one used in a regular home. I would expect the minimum cost to be at least seven or $8000.

There are many inexpensive cameras that will have no problem recording video through a window, they just won’t trigger on motion, so some people do combine those with a detector device outside the window, either a motion sensor zone, or a laser trip, or even a pressure mat of some kind. So that can be a good alternative set up for some use cases.

So how do cams connect to the hub, via their IP on the wifi network?

Some people also use cloud to cloud integration. I honestly don’t know if there’s a LAN connection possible. @pstuart or @slagle might know.

Looks like I need an outdoor cam with integrated motion detector then. All I want to do is trigger a couple events via the ST hub when the cam is activated.

I have a Smarthings system installed in my condo. The condo is on the 2nd floor and looking for a compatible video camera to install outside my front door. I would to see who is at the front, the camera must be a true wireless (battery) and be weather proof (cold temp area) with built in two way-talk and advance motion audio detection.
The only thing I have found that is close is Arlo video camera. It wireless uses battery’s and is weather proof for cold areas but doesn’t have built in two way-talk and advance motion audio detection.
Or video out video doorbell same compatibly as above

Check out Hikvision Camera’s. They have fairly good motion sensor/event triggering. It can’t be integrated into SmartThings, but if you want to work on it a bit, I believe it would connect to SmartTiles.

I love my 2 Hikvision Camera’s, and intend to get 1-2 more.

Hikvision is the way to go. Great product and a great price. I have mine connected to SmartTiles. I do not believe there is video support available for any camera that is not listed as supported by ST.


Correct. Though, the release of the HTML/JavaScript features in SmartThings may/should change that. I personally would jump at building an HTML5/JS tile to pull from my hikvisions or my QNap NAS.

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Another item to be cognizant of is the amount of throughput your Internet connection is capable of. The two cameras I have added to SmartTiles pull a total of ~40Mbps to stream. If your upload cannot sustain that much throughput, you could also look into stop-motion for the cameras instead. I can already imagine the posts that will come in about not being able to view the cameras outside of their network once live video support is added.

Wow, you do realize the multiple video streams can be tuned for better performance, correct? My phones get a smaller stream, to minimize the bandwidth (Stream 2). I record Stream 1 (high def) to my NAS. The lower bandwidth stream is at a lower FPS, and resolution, which is more than adequate for on-demand review from the phone.

Yes, I am aware. I don’t use the stream on my phone. It’s only used on the tablets in the house or while I am at work. For me, bandwidth is not a concern. Thanks for the heads up, though.

Both are possible. Some like LAN over Cloud since it doesn’t leave the network.

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Hi, I’ve recently started smartthings and smarttiles and everything is going great. One thing that I hope to include as a tile is a video feed. I have not been able to get my hikvision camera to appear in smarttiles. Can you please share how you were able to connect your hikvision camera to smarttiles? btw, I have the hikvision bullet camera (DS-2CD2042WD-I). Thanks in advance.

I use BlueIris with my cameras, so I use the feeds from BlueIris.

Thank you for the tip. I experimented with Blue Iris and was able to create a smarttile using the no authentication setting from Blue Iris web server (http://external_dns_name:port/mjpg/cam1). Were you able to get yours to work with authentication? If so, how did you pass along the username/password in the url? Thanks again.

Not sure if there is a way to pass an encoded password to BlueIris. I typically only use SmartTiles when I am on the LAN, so clear text isn’t much of an issue.

I got it working using the querystring parameters that you provided. The trick was to ensure that the “Secure only” option is unchecked. Thank again for your help.

Just a quick update that the Arlo camera is now officially supported and also has an IFTTT channel. It’s more often in the $125 - 150 range than $100, but has a lot of nice features and might be worth considering.