Recommend a relatively inexpensive door lock with keypad that works with ST?

Hey all. I’m looking for something cheap ($100 - $150 range) that can be controlled with SmartThings. Preferably with a keypad if possible at this price. What have you guys had good luck with?

What country are you in?

And are you willing to get a lock which is easier to pick? Because ANSI security grade 2 and up will be a “light commercial grade” lock and generally very good for homes. But there are some available at the lower grade 3 which cost less. I personally wouldn’t get one, but there are people who do.

(Grade 1 is “commercial grade” and is intended for commercial buildings were the only entrance is through the door, there aren’t nearby breakable windows. So those are engineered to withstand battering ram type attacks which just don’t happen in most residential burglaries, it’s too easy to go in through a window. :wink: so grade 1 is fine, but you probably don’t need it unless you also live in a home where you have metal bars on every window.)

Tagging @rboy , who is an expert on locks. :sunglasses:


Also, can you clarify if you want a door lock or deadbolt? :slight_smile:

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See this post to get started on lock models and features.

To add to what JD is saying it comes down to what you need, you can get real cheap locks for about $100 but they have very limited features and average quality (think about 1-2 years life). On the other hand if you’re willing to go to $200 you can ANSI Grade 1/2 locks with a ton of features and they’ll last you 5-10 years.

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