Recomendation for a new ST hub (V2 or V3 In 2019? )

I need to set up a new ST system.
I have a V2 hub now but am leaving it in the home for the new owners.
Can anyone explain the differences between V2 and V3 and the best place to get a good deal ?
Thank you

V3 has WiFi connectivity as it is easier to more centrally place in your home as V2 has to be plugged in Ethernet and that may mean not being centrally located because of router location, unless you run Ethernet cabling. This could make it more difficult or costly to expand out Z-wave and Zigbee mesh with repeaters.

V3 has no batteries. So on power outage it goes down. I’m not really sure how useful V2 is with batteries, like what are you going to control if there is no power and how will motion notification work without power? Besides if this is important you can always plug in a V3 into a battery backup UPS.

V3 has reduced internal RAM (along with battery removal) it was done to reduce cost of device. Not sure why the amount of RAM matters as V3 is capable of doing everything V2 does and does not have any performance problems.

There are probably other diffences I don’t know about. I’ll let others fill in.

I’m happy with V3. Lots of people with V2 would move to V3 if there was a migration process. To move from V2 to V3 you have to start over and redo all configurations.

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( i’ve moved the thread to connected devices, which is where discussions about hub features go. :sunglasses: )

There are some technical differences between the two models as well as the ones that @galfert mentioned. Some people will care about these, some people won’t. They aren’t as obvious as the Wi-Fi features.

You can read about them in the following thread. Just be warned that the discussion about the technical differences gets very technical, and most people won’t care anyway. :wink:

Samsung SmartThings Hub (2018) discussion (Model GP-U999SJVLGDA aka V3)

V3 hub will get compliance with some of the newer protocol specifications first, and if that sentence made any sense to you, then you might care. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In addition, the V3 stripped out some parts that most people weren’t using, which means it may sell for less.

Personally, if I were buying new today, I would buy the V3 for the technical advantages.

As for where to buy it, shop around, as the prices do vary somewhat. But Amazon is usually as good a place as any unless somebody else happens to have a sale.

I’ve had both in the same house with the same 100+ devices with the same automations and don’t notice a difference. I’d get V3 to future proof.

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thank you for your input

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thank you very much