Receptacle Cover for GE Outdoor Plug

I’ve got a couple of GE Outdoor Plugs (12720 I think) and was disappointed that they are not rated for use in the rain but need a cover. Does anyone have a recommendation for a cover? Everything I’ve seen seems to be geared toward protecting a gang box but not this plug dangling from an outdoor outlet.


I have one of these. They stick out pretty far though.

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I have mine in this

I have an extension cord going in, and the cord for my lights coming out. I was also confused why there isn’t a cap over the outlet area when the plug was in use.

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That looks more like what I was thinking about, although pricier than I was hoping.

Did you replace the enclosure on an existing outlet with this and then squeeze the GE plug inside of it?

my house has outdoor outlet covers like @rudyinDana linked to. I then punch out one of the bottom holes so the cover closes over the outlet and leave the GE plug oriented so the plug is facingdown. That way if it does rain it doesn’t go into the socket.


There are different sizes and some are very roomy. The cover I have tilts open so plugging stuff in is easy. It replaces the existing cover on an outlet. Just a couple of screws. A Homedepot or Lowes is probably worth checking out the options. Once you see them I think you’ll find it quite obvious how they install and whether they’ll do the job for you,

Thanks for all the responses! I think I can make one of the options suggested work.

My solution costs a whopping couple of $.

  • Raid the plastic container cupboard in your house; find your kid’s sturdy, clear plastic lunchbox. Alternatively visit Wally-Mart for said item. Something like this:

  • Halfway down on the 2 SHORT sides drill a hole the diameter of your cable.
  • Cut a slit from said hole to the top (open side) of the lunchbox
  • Place the cover upside down on a table; note the low spots. Drill a few SMALL holes in the low spots
  • Push the male connector cable through one slit of the container until the cable is seated in the hole; the male connector should be approx halfway INSIDE the box
  • Push the female connector cable through the other slit of the container until the cable is seated in the hole; the female connector should be approx halfway INSIDE the box
  • Connect the male into the female; let their magic happen, but don’t watch; pervert!
  • At this point the cable should be suspended mid-air in the box
  • Depending on the style of lid you have:
    – place a thin beat of silicone on the lip & affix the lid to the container (optional)
    – if the lid is a resealable as shown in the pic, just affix
  • Place you connector with the LID side down (ie. UPSIDE DOWN) where you want it

Any water that may get in via the slits will gravitate towards the low spots in the lid & exit via the small drain holes you made.

It may not be pretty but it survives rain and snow like a champ.
Bury it in the bushes, under the snow where nobody can see it. Do NOT bury it in the ground.
I’ve used one of these for year without any issues; nary has it ever been damp on the inside.