Recent long lag time for cloud operations

I have noticed in the last month, even worse today, a huge lag time between an event and the time the responce happens. Also a long lag between loading my IOS app and the time the things show. Anyone else see this?

This part I believe ST is working on improving. They had released a new parser which precompiled DTH’s for faster display but had to turn it off this morning because some of the community DTH’s had issues (malformed inputs) which may have caused it slow down again. So once it’s rolled out it should improve.

Also generally helps to reboot the router and hub about once a month to reduce latency.

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Thanks for the info, very informative. My HUB V2 and Airport Extremes are rebooted automatically every week. I had to use old fashioned timers, as if I used ST devices, I could turn off, but not reboot until the HUB was up, even if the device outlet was local.

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How do you do this programatically?

Interesting. I never reboot my Extreme. The only time it get’s cycled is if I have to kill the power and even then not always as it runs on a UPS. I have over 110 devices (some are bandwidth heavy like cameras), mostly Wi-Fi, with a switch connected that has three NAS and the ST hub connected to it.

My ST hub is rarely rebooted. Not disputing it may help sometimes but I certainly don’t schedule reboots.

That is the problem, I use old fashioned digital outlets. Otherwise I would have created a piston to do this. But once the HUB V2 is down the outlet how would I send a command to turn on. I do have some iHome SP-5’s that I can create a program from the iHome app independent of ST. I have to check into that.

Yes but how do you operate them?

The digital outlets have a 7 day programmable timer. It is old fashioned home automation, or dumb automation. I just set the day of the week, time off and time on.


Best layed plans of mice and men, don’t necessarily work. I had to do this in two parts.

  1. Using native SmartThings Smart Lighting turn off the iHome SP-5 at 11:40 PM. Thursday each week
  2. Using the native iHome smart App for IOS turn on the iHome Sp-5 at 11:42 PM Thursday each week.

Now I hate having to depend on the iHome cloud, as a few months ago it was very unreliable, but recently it has been working fine. I will test this for a while and see what happens.

Have you noticed that scheduling weekly resets of your router and ST hub has resulted in any improved performance or prevention of any problems?

Actually I have noticed that some of the odd glitches I had after not rebooting for months are gone. There must be some type of cache that needs emptying. To be honest I am not sure how rebooting works. But many times that I had problems the tech would tell me to reboot the HUB. Now is this good, I have no idea.

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Well my method of rebooting the hub seems to be working well, so testing will continue.

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I usually reboot hub/router etc. when I’m having a problem, rather than as a preventative thing. I haven’t noticed any particular issues with laggy ST events recently, and I still use a v1 hub so it’s 100% cloud-dependent.

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