Recent IOS update creates significant problem

The IOS update on 3/27/22 caused my Halo smoke detectors to go offline and the devices switched to internal battery and now one of them is registering low internal battery. Any word on fix for offline devices since this update?

tagging @johnconstantelo who might be able to offer some insight with Halo smoke detectors

Thanks @jkp, glad to help out.

@edden I’ve had these since their introduction, but I’ve never had an app update knock these offline. Actually, it’s not possible. This is related to either a Zigbee mesh problem, or worse, a failing Halo (which I’ve had and have spares sitting for situations like this).

The dreaded internal battery notification is one I’ve had before a couple times. One was not recoverable, and the Halo eventually died. The other was resolved by unplugging it from mains power and plugging it back in.

I’m betting since these are Zigbee routers in your mesh, having one drop could have had a domino effect, especially if you don’t have any other (or few) Zigbee mains powered devices acting as routers for your Zigbee mesh.

Have you tried unplugging the Halo and plugging it back in? How many Halos do you have? Do you have any other Zigbee devices dropping and how many others are acting as routers in your mesh?

When you plug it back in, I recommend performing add new device by scanning nearby to wake up the hub and force a rejoin of the device. It’s technically not needed, but it won’t hurt. The Halos I have always rejoined the hub without incident (assuming you have Unsecure Rejoin enabled)


Okay I don’t see Halo listed in devices section of app. I have 8 Halos. I do have some zigbee lights that are offline too.

Okay it rejoined easily but still have the been and still no green AC light on any of the detectors.

Right, that’s why I mentioned the option called “Scan for nearby devices”. That will allow you to add almost any device (zwave or zigbee) if it’s not on the brand/device list, especially for something with a custom driver.

Ok, then you’ll need to check the “Route” for those devices in the IDE to start tracking down the device in your mesh causing you issues. If the Halo gets back online, that may do the trick.

On any of the detectors? That sounds like a power issue at the main breaker panel. Check your breakers for anything that’s tripped, or hopefully no damaged wires.

Okay I found it. A breaker was tripped. Now they all show power except the one with the chirp now. So at least I’m not replacing all of them. Hopefully chirp will stop once on power for a bit but I’m not sure. Thank you for help.

Cool, glad to hear. I bet the chirping will stop pretty soon. I have had a Halo with a battery that would no longer hold a charge, but I was able to break open the detector and go to Batteries Plus to get a suitable replacement battery and then glue the detector back together.

The chirping has stopped and it’s all back up a running as it should be. You should post a video on how you did that as it weight come in handy as the 10 year lifespan on the internal battery is quickly approaching.

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It’s not just the battery that needs to be replaced after 10 years, but the entire smoke detector. This is a mandate by NFPA (in the US). Info summarized by First Alert:

NFPA site (info about replacement a little more buried):

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Right, and these detectors will sound and notify with led and maybe voice if I recall correctly from the documentation. It’s not been 10 years yet, so we’ll see. Hopeful a new smart hardwired zigbee or zwave detector will be on the market by then.

The batteries are failing, but the detectors still have a few years of life left.