Receiver noise - Could it be zwave switches

Hi there. Last week I finally installed my 7.2 receiver (we moved in December to a new house) and ever since I was way too busy setting up all the smart lights, switches, doorbells, blinds … you get the gist.

So, after installing the receiver I noticed a loud hum coming from it, it never had that before, I started isolating the problem ( ground loop, cable modem) and so far I have not able to figure it out.

Some people on forums mention stray DC current from LED lights, and I’m wondering if this could be the case. I’m wondering if the switches could generate noise on the current as well.

Has anyone faced this issue before? I just want to get some feedback before I start striping every single zwave enabled device out of my house.

Thank you

Easier by turn off all the circuit breakers for your z-wave circuits and see if the hum went away. If that did go away. Start by turn on one circuit at a time to find the culprit.

Sorry, that was my thought, just did not express correctly. Shut down the circuits would be the way to go. BTW do I need to add the controllers back to the hub or they keep the memory of the pairing


It should still be there once the power is back.
Edit: use an extension cord and maybe plug your receiver to another circuit is also a quick way to eliminate things.

You didn’t say but is the hum coming from all the speakers and on all inputs, even unused?

It comes from the receiver actually. Even without speakers. I moved it downstairs and the hum reduced considerable, not gone but bearable.

Trying to figure out now what could be happening upstairs …

Thats weird. Could it be a frequency even voltage issue. Should be 120v and 60hz. Maybe something is off at the new place with the power. I would take it to a neighbor’s or another house and plug it in. If the problem goes away it’s a power line issue.

Only thing in the receiver that can.might produce a hum on it’s own is a transforme and I have heard of issues when moving from one house to another and it’s usually either the transformer/winding jarred loose or a power conditioning issue…

As a Ham radio operator - good luck :slight_smile: There are so many ways that radio can invade a circuit you can spend days chasing it.

Some quick ideas - if it;s there with all your input cables disconnected as well as all outputs, it’s in the receiver or via the AC. Torriods may help, but never a guarantee.

If you can trace to ANY cable - better shielded cables.

I was going to suggest the same thing. It is possible that the move itself caused some slight damage to the unit itself.