Reboot tp-link access point / extender?


Is there a way to schedule through ST or another service the rebooting of a WiFi access point without​ using a wemo switch or other hardware?

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As long as your ST hub is not connected to the same access point, the easiest way will be to use a smartthings compatible socket / outlet.

You can setup an automation using routines SmartLighting or apps like CoRE to turn the outlet off, wait x minutes and then turn it back on.

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I was looking at an http request or something with core or tasker.

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Oh ok… can’t help with that.

Your OP did mention using hardware not http :wink:

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Is this any help:

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I had a connected speaker that needed to be rebooted frequently and I just use a timer like this to do this every night at 4am. The speaker was offline for 30 min until the power was back. If you get something more sophisticated that time could be shorter.


I meant without. Sorry.


I’ll give this a try. I’m on Windows so I will see how this will work.