Reasonably Priced Gang-Sized Scene Selection

Hey everybody. I’m relatively new to SmartThings so please go easy on me.

My current lighting setup is a mix of Lutron Caseta switches, TP-Link Kasa switches (which are gradually getting replaced by more Casetas), and Philips Hue bulbs.

In most areas of my house that have a 3-Way circuit, I’ve just used the method of installing a Caseta Dimmer in place of one switch, marrette-ing off the wires at the other end and installing a Pico Remote in place of the other switch. This is the official ‘Lutron’ method of replacing a hard-wired 3-way. However in one particular room, I have 6 Philips Hue Bulbs wired to a 3-way circuit. Obviously I can’t use a dimmer because fluctuating the current going to the Hue bulbs would likely fry the electronics in the bulbs. So my plan is to install a Standard On/Off switch at one end and some kind of wireless combo scene selector at the other end.

My constraints are that it must be a standard gang-sized switch as it’s fitting into a 3 switch gang-plate. It needs to also be Z-Wave or Zigbee so that I can add it to SmartThings and be able to both turn On/Off the Caseta switch controlling the circuit, as well as pick different themes for the hue bulbs. I’d prefer to use the Pico method of just maretting off the wires, and butting a bracket in the gang box that holds the switch. If these scene selection switches only come in a ‘wired’ form factor, they need to be capable of being wired in a 3-way circuit with a Caseta switch. And of course it must not be a dimming switch because there are smart bulbs in the circuit.

Does such a product exist? If so what are your suggestions?