Realtime state updates from Fibaro switches or the RGBW Controller?

I have a Fibro RGBW controller that I’m using to read the state of 4 inputs. I’m also thinking of getting a Fibaro Dimmer 2. The thing is I need instant notifications, like with a ST Motion sensor for example.

At the moment the RGBW only updates the state of the inputs when polled every few minutes. Is this correct or am I missing an event handler?

Does anyone have a Fibaro Dimmer or Switch and do you know if when you switch the switched input the state of the device is updated instantly in ST? i.e. a Zwave event is fired when the switch is switched.

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This one: [RELEASE] Fibaro RGBW Controller (FGRGBWM-441) - Advanced DTH

Although I’ve modified it to suit my needs, not that the original one worked either. I can see the code in there to handle the state change events but watching the logs, it only ever fires after a poll or refresh.

Any ideas?

Which params need to be set? I’ve removed most of the preferences for that code as there’s a bug in the original on android whereby no matter what you enter it comes up with an error “you must complete all required fields”. I never got around this so I removed all preferences and just added the ones I thought I needed.

#14 - Channel mode - Set to input for all 4 channels
#43 - Change in input voltage to fire event - Set to 0.5v

No others have been changed, but what else might I want to configure?

#42 - Command class reporting outputs status change?

The association groups have not been changed, so I assume they are all empty (1-4). By default group 5 should be set to the controller. I have never included the code for changing the groups in the device handler, but I could add this back in and force an association ID if needed, what should they be?

I’m going through this at the moment did you ever figure it out? I am using the standard DH as it works :wink: but using the z-wave tweaker DH to set the parameters up Im trying to get local ON/OFF working as its the stairs and can’t trust ST to always work. So I have set it to be a toggle switch on input 4, all great so far and it works! I then have WC deciding what level it comes on to but this is where it fails as it seems to take ages to report that it has turned on in ST!

No, I haven’t got this working and I spoke to Fibaro and they implied that it’s just how it works.