Really getting frustrated with smart lighting

Often when I get to the end of creating the event, where you customize the name, there is no save button so I have to start all over and hope it is there the next time. Been this way for months and smartthings seem to have no interest in fixing it.

Now a new problem I am having. I am changing some of my color events over to scenes (because the built in default color for bulbs is so ridiculously basic). But as soon as I finish deselecting the bulbs and then selecting the scene, I get a “something’s wrong” screen and have to back out. Now if I go back in to that event all I get is that error screen with no way of deleting it.

How do I fix this? Now I have a few “broken” events that are still operating as if I haven’t modified them. And I can’t delete them or modify them to used the scenes how I want.

Do yourself a huge favor, if using the classic app, then install webCoRE and create your rules there.

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I think I agree with you. I do have webcore installed. Just haven’t sat down to figure out using it yet. It’s a shame smartthings is so limited by it’s terrible built in stuff. But at least it allows for smarter people to create better things in the community.

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I look it at as “half full”…I think some of the other platforms are so limited by not allowing as much 3rd party support like SmartThings.

It’s an open platform and why I am so attracted by all that it offers.

webCoRE should be stock!


Caveat emptor: don’t ever unplug your ethernet cable if you are doing this! In other words, use webCoRE responsibly…

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What SHOULD BE never is and what IS never should be…:slight_smile:

I tried WebCore. It’s a great IDE. I will use it someday for some very cool & complex stuff. I don’t need it now. Core or Smart Lighting works for me.
And, I like my code in tiny bite-size, nicely named pieces right behind the device on my phone.

Any suggestions with that constraint in mind?