Ready for Rain (new feature)

@slagle or @jody.albritton I wanted to let you know that I worked with @imbrian to add a new feature to the Ready for Rain smart app that is already published in the public repo. The new feature adds the ability to set a delay so that you can open a door/window for a short time without getting an alert. I am monitoring all my windows/doors with this app and regularly have to let pets outside for a short time and don’t want to get an alert when I do that. Brian has submitted a PR with the changes and I was hoping you could do whatever may be needed to get that into the review process. Not sure if all PRs will eventually get reviewed or if they need to be tagged somehow since the submission process was not used.

If this will still get reviewed without further action then we can wait for that but just wanted to make sure that it would be reviewed at some point, thanks.

EDIT: I guess it would maybe be helpful to add a link to the PR