Ready for more Things? You Asked!

(Pmsmaker) #1

Ready for more Things? Tell us what devices you most want to see.

Well, I do not have my kit and I dunno about the metaphysical but lets talk what we do not have yet …

Virtualization, Awareness, Local Control, etc … so some abstractions … some are concerned about buttons and I concur but let’s get bigger.

I was thinking about something the size of a two gang box, then the size of a graphic thermostat then what about taking the thermostat form and

Let’s have a programmable touch screen interface …

display what you like

input what you like

have motion detection for alarm or occupancy for lighting control

have  ambient light sensor for lighting control

have temperature + ? for environmental control

… I do not believe I can buy this Thing … Somebody is going to have to make a Thing.

… On a more concrete side

Are there “micro” modules for switching and dimming that fit inside boxes like Insteon or X-10?

We will need some of these -

Here we go!

(Formix) #2

RTI makes some very nice interfaces, handheld remotes, in-wall screens, and they do Zigbee.  That could work.  Or there’s always the iPad/Fire/Nexus option.


(Saxnix) #3
  1. IR Blaster.  Combine it with an Occupancy/Vacancy sensor to turn off the TV etc if no one is detected in a room after x amount of time.

  2. Combined Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor with integrated light measurement.  (want to be able to have the lights turn on and off  automatically based on occupancy/vacancy if darker than a certain light level (or between certain times).

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(Saxnix) #4

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