Re-pairing with Jasco 45703 Appliance Module

(Jason) #1

I accidentally deleted the appliance module from my hub and now I can’t re-connect it. I’ve tried power-cycling my hub, app, appliance module several time but nothing woks. Anyone else have advice?


(Cory S) #2

An exclusion signal has to be sent by the HUB. One of the SmartThings techs said there is a link somewhere in the IDE if you have access (but it may or may not be working well yet) other wise you have to chat with support.

(Jason) #3

I was able to get it working with the helpful assistance from SmartThings support. After unlinking it from the IDE and re-pairing it a couple times it started working. Strange but glad it works now!

(Cory S) #4

I had one I had to pair 4 times befores it would stop freezing in a state change.