Re-adding my new phone. Having troubles

I’ve recently changed my phones. Before I did, I was the only phone device on the ST. When I got my new phone and signed up with ST app to the hub, it recognized my phone right away under the same name that I already had my previous phone set up.
Unfortunately, the hub would not recognize when I leave or come back, so I figured it might be because I did not add my new phone properly.
In addition, I’ve created another account for my wife’s phone and added her phone to the ST Hub.
So, yesterday I’ve used my wife’s phone to delete my phone from the system. I’ve rebooted the system and my phone was gone. Now I am trying to “connect new Coming and Going Device” and it keeps telling me "Could not create new mobile presence device, due to Mobile presence already exist."
Why is that, what am I doing wrong?

Try logging out and logging back into the app.

Yep, did that, still not showing my phone in the ST Things and still not allowing me to register the phone.

I just logged out and rebooted my phone again. My ST is in complete haywire! It is showing my phone four times and three of them are “present” while I am nowhere near home.
What is going on? I’ve tried support, but keep getting messages that they are busy with “unusually high” amount of tickets and not available for chat.

you need to remove all the presence devices. When you leave the house next time one of those devices will respond to the location change most likely. Then you will know which device you can replace your presence device within apps with and then all other presence devices can be removed.