Re Activate used smarting hub


Any idea how to re activate the hub, I bought a used one from ebay and don’t have the six digit welcome code. The only thing I see is the S/N in the back. I have sent an email to support with S/N. Any ideas?

Just wait for support, they will get you the code and get you started. Unfortunately there really isn’t any other way…

@hayyan Can you reach support from the app on your phone? There often is someone monitoring the chat and it’s been the most effective way for me to get support if there’s someone online. Especially useful if you need help debugging something, rather than waiting for email responses.

Is the chat feature iOS only… Never found it on my Android app.

Thanks guys, due to being long weekend I don’t think chat will do the trick. I am waiting yo hear from them. Good to know that community is lively though :slight_smile:

I believe the chat feature is only Web base and not available on app itself unless yiu use your browser like I am doing now

It’s only in the IOS app as @pstuart pointed out. It’s in the main menu, under support. There are a few options including Chat, and there will be a presence icon that let’s you know if someone is listening.