@RBoy update notifications?

Couldn’t think of a good place to stick this…

@RBoy - since your device handlers and smart apps are paid for/private, or more to the point, there’s no github repo to stick into smartthings, is there some notification process for when something gets updated (short of subscribing to your posts)? Its not always obvious when somethings newer without looking at the code and version number / dates - which is kind of a pain. Unless you’re planning on a github repo :grin:

There is an option in his app (Don’t check for new versions) whereby you get a notification of new code to paste in the IDE.
I get them for Blink (Grrr) and lock app all the time.

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yup, maybe not every handler/app of his, but most have a toggle under the settings to notify on new versions. By default it is turned on.

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Hmm, I guess I don’t have enough devices/apps using RBoy handlers to have encountered that - I’m only using the Universal door lock and the GoGontrol motion/temp (WAPIRZ-1), though now that I’m looking, the Smart Lock Notifier does have an “uncheck” option for “Don’t check for new versions” (not sure why the double negative there lol) Not sure I’ve actually gotten any notifactions though - def had to find out on my own last time)

Oh well - thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I know for a fact that the Lock Multi User Code Management app does - It notified me about an hour ago…


I don’t have all the RBoy stuff installed, so I think its just a coincedence that I happen to have installed the ones that don’t have it. That particular one I have “installed” but not actually… “installed” (not sure how to phrase that) - I haven’t installed it from the app and done anything with it yet. I didn’t re-setup my August lock (because I was being lazy and there’s only two people anyway), so I haven’t really gotten too in depth with that set of apps.

I concur with that


The Lock Multi User Code Management app rocks. Blows the lock management app ST came up with out of the water. Highly recommended if you already paid for RBoy’s stuff. I’m also a big fan of the universal z-wave lock DTH…


I’ve been debating on whether I should be used to use with my generation 3 August Smart Lock. Not really sure what advantages you would have over the stock integration?

WAY too many features to list - take a look at the official thread here: [OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

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The lock code management won’t offer much since the August lock doesn’t have a keypad built in. The device handler will show you door status via their Door Sense solution, though.

While it might not be for some, he does tend to announce updates on his Facebook page:

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All of our SmartApps have notification checks for updates built into them. However the way SmartThings is designed, device handlers cannot “push” notification to users so our SmartApps do the work for checking for updates for device handlers and notifying users.

Consequently if you don’t have any of our SmartApps installed you won’t get any update notifications for device handler updates. We will be fixing this with a new SmartApp that will check all your custom device handlers for updates and notify you.


True… But they do have their keypad thing and I can see in the logs that it recognizes that a code was used, but for whatever reason there doesn’t seem to be a way to associate those codes (at least for existing/stored codes with August - ie, you set it up before pairing with ST).

Its not a bane or anything, but it does keep one from knowing - through the smartthings system - who used what code, have to use their app (which is a bit hokey if you ask me).

Also, the door Sense thing doesn’t seem to be working with ST right now (or I missed an update)

Mine was fixed in a firmware update a month or so ago.