RBoy apps with Connect Home Pro

I am wanting to get a Connect Home Pro and want to know if I can use the RBoy apps with it, specifically number 18 for Schlage alarm reporting and notification. TIA Dennis

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The answer we have given to prospective ActionTiles customers, is that everything should work identically to those using a SmartThings Hub, as long as the “SmartThings App” integration is used; rather than Samsung Connect App. Whether or not the two Apps can coexist is an area of some confusion. We have confirmation that ActionTiles works with Samsung Connect Home; I presume either by luck, or by following the preceding advice.

Another variable in the equation is whether to use a Samsung login or a SmartThings login, with the latter being less likely to have complications; especially for Samsung Accounts profiled as being in non-SmartThings overseas markets.

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Yes it will, as @tgauchat pointed out it is compatible as internally they are running a SmartThings hub.